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Using e-cigarettes to quit smoking: What you need to know

by Kai Bryant on November 01, 2019
E-cigarettes are more than just a hobby or lifestyle choice – they’re an NHS-recommended tool for those who want to stop smoking cigarettes. But just how effective are they? And why should smokers consider using them?
Simply put, e-cigarettes have been shown to be incredibly successful – in fact, thousands of people in the UK have used them to quit smoking.
Here, we’ll tell you what the difference between e-cigarettes and smoking is, and why they might be the better choice if you need help giving up cigarettes for good. 
Are e-cigarettes better than cigarettes? 
Several official UK regulatory bodies have confirmed that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes – in fact, they’re a whopping 95% less harmful than cigarettes, according to Public Health England and Royal College of PhysiciansThis is mainly because e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco.
When smoking a cigarette, you’re burning and ingesting tobacco. So, while you’re getting your nicotine hit, you’re also consuming tar, carbon monoxide, and a whole host of other dangerous chemicals. 
When using an e-cigarette, you inhale nicotine in vapour form instead of smoking it (hence the term ‘vaping’), so you’ll still feel the effects of nicotine but avoid the extreme dangers of tobacco. 
You might wonder – but isn’t nicotine bad for you? As the NHS points out, nicotine isn’t really the main problem with smoking – it’s all the other chemicals found in tobacco that cause major health problems.
There are still chemicals in vape liquid, but levels are far lower than those found in cigarettes. E-cigarette products are strictly regulated in the UK, and the risk of harm is far lower than the dangers of smoking cigarettes, making vaping a much better alternative to smoking.
E-cigarettes aren’t only a better option for you, but also for the people around you. Second-hand smoke has been found to be incredibly harmful, while e-cigarette vapour doesn’t pose a risk to others
Why should I use e-cigarettes to quit smoking?
It’s no secret that cigarettes are just plain bad for us. The latest statistics report that around 77,800 people die each year in the UK due to smoking-related illnesses.  
So why do smokers keep on smoking? 
To put it simply, quitting is hard. Nicotine is highly addictive. And, as any long-time smoker will know, smoking can be something that’s closely connected with our lifestyle and identity, deeply integrated into our life’s routine.
Most stop-smoking products are designed to manage nicotine cravings, such as nicotine patches, gum, or tablets. There are also some methods that lean towards the experimental side, such as acupuncture and hypnosis. 
While these strategies can work for some people, studies have found that e-cigarettes are far more effective in helping people give up cigarettes for good. 
Part of this is due to the fact that they offer more than just the nicotine hit. With an e-cigarette, you can still satisfy the social, psychological, and lifestyle elements of smoking, while avoiding the toxic chemicals in tobacco. 
How can I get started?
The journey of quitting cigarettes is different for everyone, but trading your pack of smokes for an e-cigarette is a great place for anyone to start. 
There are several different kinds of e-cigarettes available, and the system you choose will depend on the kind of cigarette smoker you are. Light smokers might start with a vape pen or pod system, while heavier smokers might go a bit further and choose a mod system.
When choosing your e-liquids, it’s important to start with the right level of nicotine to suit the kind of intake you’re used to. Many people begin with a moderate to high strength liquid while they get used to using an e-cigarette, and may downgrade to lower strength liquids slowly over time.
Choosing an e-cigarette is a huge step in the right direction and an important choice for maintaining your health over the long term. We realise the world of vaping can be a bit overwhelming at first – check out our blog for more advice about e-cigarettes, have a look at our starter kits or visit your nearest Red Box Vape store to chat to our friendly team about which options are best for you!