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Nicotine shots, or Nic shots, are an unflavoured, concentrated shot of nicotine which can be used to increase the strength of a nicotine-free E-Liquid. They are used by vapers who either mix their own E-Liquid or use shortfills. You cannot vape a Nic shot alone, but these little bottles of concentrated nicotine are ideal for taking control of the amount you are vaping.

These Nic shots are flavourless and don’t impact the taste of your shortfill, instead, blending seamlessly with the E-Liquid to provide a flavourful vaping experience with a hit of nicotine.

Nicotine Shots

Salt Nic Shot by Nic Salt Hit


Nic Drop - Nic Shot


Nic Drop - Ice Nic Shot


Our nicotine shots are available in 10ml bottles and can be added to a shortfill to slightly increase the amount of nicotine. A 10ml 18mg nic shot added to a 50ml shortfill will produce 60ml of 3mg strength E-Liquid. If you would like to make the E-Liquid stronger, then you will need to pour 10ml of the shortfill into a separate bottle and add two Nic shots to the shortfill for 6mg.

If you’re unsure of where to start with Nic shots, then please get in touch with our expert team. Many of us have experienced the journey from smoking to vaping and understand the challenges and concerns you may face, so are more than happy to help assist you with any questions.

Home delivery is available for all of our e-liquids, nicotine shots and salts, with free UK delivery if you spend over £25.