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Pod systems offer one of the easiest methods of vaping – a simple pod that can be replaced once the E-Liquid has been used.

Also known as vape pods, pod mods or pod vapes, this style of vaping is part of the latest generation of products aimed at helping smokers quit. The pod system provides an experience similar to smoking, replicating the ease and immediate impact a cigarette can offer.

Vape Pod Systems

Voopoo - Argus Air 3.8ML Cartridge


Smok - Mico Kit


Smok - Nord Kit


Aspire - Breeze 2


Smok - Trinity Alpha Kit


Pods are compact and offer a higher nicotine strength than many other vape devices can, making this a good choice for those transitioning from being a heavy smoker.

A key benefit of the pod system is the ability to switch flavours with ease. With a tank-based vaping device, an E-Liquid should be finished before it is refilled and changing E-Liquids can be fiddly for beginners. A pod system allows you to switch between flavours as you see fit, allowing you to pick an E-Liquid that better suits your mood or preference that day!

Here at RED Box Vape, we stock vape pod systems from reputable brands in the vaping world, including Aspire, nzo, Smok and Voopoo.

If you need assistance choosing the right vape pod system for your vaping style or would like more support on your journey to quitting smoking, then please get in touch with our expert team who are happy to help you.

Free home delivery is available for all of our vape pod systems and additional vape hardware, including mods and coils.