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Cost of Vaping vs Cost of Smoking

A factor that always holds people back from making changes is money. Not knowing how much something will cost could put you off making adjustments to your lifestyle.

If you’re thinking of transitioning from smoking to vaping but are unsure of the financial side of things, then we’ve put together a few examples of how much money you could save by making the switch.

In fact, even the NHS reckons that you could save around £3,000 a year by switching to vaping!

Here, we show you how!


Of course, there are various factors that will impact on the precise amount you save. This includes:

  • What type and brand of E-Liquid you choose.
  • The device you decide to buy.
  • The amount you vape.
  • The number of replacement parts you need.

Here we will take a look at how each of these plays a part.

Average Price of E-Liquid

There are a few different kinds of E-Liquid in the UK; standard freebase E-Liquid, nicotine salts and shortfills plus nicotine shots.

Average cost of E-Liquid:

  • Freebase - £4 for 10ml
  • Nic salts - £4 for 10ml
  • Pods - £3.30 per pod
  • Shortfills - £15 for 100ml

As you can see, shortfills work out the cheapest, at 15p per ml and freebase and nic salts are 40p per ml. Pods work out slightly more expensive, but they are far simpler to use, and also do not require the additional cost of coils.


A coil costs, on average, £3. You can often find them in packs that will make them a bit cheaper, though. On average, a coil will last two weeks. If you are a very heavy vaper, then it may need changing weekly. If you are a light vaper, then you could use the same coil for a month.

Let’s say we use one coil every two weeks. Over the course of a year, you would spend around £78 on coils.

Average Vaping Habits

  • A light vaper may use 0.2-0.5 ml of E-Liquid a day.
  • An average vaper may use 0.7-1.0 ml of E-Liquid a day.
  • A heavy vaper may use 1.1-2.0 ml of E-Liquid a day.

For an average to heavy vaper, a 10ml bottle of E-Liquid will last for about a week.

Let’s take a look at this in terms of money!

If you use one 10 ml bottle of E-Liquid a week, this works out as:

  • per day - 57p
  • per week - £4
  • per month - £16
  • per year - £208

When we consider that one pack of cigarettes on average costs more than £11, the savings when it comes to vaping are clear. Heavy smokers could be spending £11 or more a day on cigarettes when they could be spending less than one pound on E-Liquid!

Over the course of a year, where you would spend £4,161 on cigarettes, you would only spend £208 on E-Liquid! If you use a pen or mod vape, then you will spend an additional £78 on coils, assuming you use one a fortnight. Total, you will spend around £286 a year on vaping, a saving of £3,875 compared with cigarettes!

If you use vape pods, and assuming you use one pod every 4 days, then you will spend around £300 a year on pods. This figure will change depending on how quickly you go through the pods, but nevertheless, it is still a great deal cheaper than smoking!

Cost of the Device

Another factor to consider is the cost of the vape kit. E-cigarettes or vaping devices are not particularly expensive; some are less than the price of a pack of cigarettes!

It’s up to you to decide your budget, but as a general example, this is the average price range you can expect to see for these devices:

  • Pod vape kits - £10-20
  • Vape pen kits - £20- £30
  • Mod vape kits - £40-50

If you keep the same kit for more than a year, then your yearly costs compared with smoking will continue to decrease!

We hope this has given you a better insight into the kind of savings you could be making by switching to vaping. Initial costs may be higher as you purchase a device and work out which E-Liquid is right for you, but once you have got into a good vaping routine, you will be sure to save a lot of money!

If you would like more advice on quitting smoking with the help of vaping, then check out our guide.


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