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Vape coils are a vital part of your vape set up. The coil is the heating element that warms up the E-Liquid and turns it into the vapour that you inhale. Essentially, a coil is the heart of your vape!

A coil is a wrapped wire with a cotton wick, which dips into the E-Liquid, soaks it up and uses heat to produce a vapour from it. The coil can be found in the tank, pod or cartridge of your vaping device.

Every so often you’ll need to replace your coil with a fresh one to keep your vaping device running smoothly, and to avoid any bad, burnt tastes from an old coil. How frequently you need to change your coil will largely depend on how often you vape.

Vape Coils

Voopoo - TPP DM1 Coils


GeekVape - Zeus Coil Z1


Voopoo - Vinci Pnp-VM6 Coil


Voopoo - Vinci Pnp-VM5 Coil


Innokin - T18E 2.0ohms Coils


Innokin - T20S 1.5ohms Coils


Innokin - T20S 0.8ohms Coils


Smok - Mini V2 A1 0.17ohms Coils


Aspire - Pockex 0.6ohms Coils


Smok - Nord Mesh 0.6 ohms Coils


Smok - RPM 0.4ohm mesh Coil


Innokin - T18E 1.5ohms Coils


Aspire - Cleito 0.4ohms Coils


Smok - Nord 1.4ohms Ceramic Coils


Smok - Mini V2 S2 0.15ohms Coil


Smok - Nord MTL 0.8ohms Coil


Aspire - BVC 1.8ohms Coils


Smok - Mini V2 S1 0.15ohms Coil


Smok - RPM 0.3ohm MTL mesh Coil


Vaporesso - QF Mesh 0.2ohms Coils


Here at RED Box Vape, we stock a wide variety of vaping coils for you to choose from, including both high resistance MTL coils and low resistance sub-ohm coils. MTL coils are great for getting a bigger throat hit, without producing a big cloud, whereas sub-ohm coils are perfect for those who like to vape with bigger clouds and more flavour.

If you need assistance choosing the right coil for your vaping style or device, then please get in touch with our expert team who are happy to help you.

Free home delivery is available for all of our vape coils and additional vape hardware, including mods and tanks.