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What is Vape Tongue and How to Fix it

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Just when you think you understand what happens when you start vaping, a new thing pops up. One thing you may experience is vape tongue.

This guide will take you through what vape tongue is and how to fix it.

What is Vape Tongue?

So, what exactly is vape tongue? Vape tongue is a term that refers to the sensation of losing flavour from vapes.

If you’ve been vaping the same flavour for a while you’ll probably start noticing that your E-Liquid doesn’t taste quite as flavourful as it used to.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many vapers experience this phenomenon and it doesn’t impede vapour production or nicotine absorption. But not being able to taste vape juice takes away from the experience.

What Causes Vape Tongue?

So you may be wondering how exactly vape tongue develops in the first place.

This condition most frequently occurs when using a single flavour over and over. Over-exposure to just one aroma numbs your sensory ability to perceive that scent, and since smell is so closely tied to taste, this factor can’t be ignored.

That’s not the only culprit. Vaping a lot can cause dry mouth and affect the rate at which your tongue produces saliva.

Sense of taste is dependent on saliva production for your gustatory system (e.g. your sense of taste) to function properly as taste receptors are stimulated mostly on the tongue. Therefore, less saliva significantly diminishes smell and taste receptors.

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How to Fix Vape Tongue

Vape tongue isn’t a condition you want to be too familiar with. So let’s go through the options of what you can do to alleviate or prevent it:

Hydrate Yourself

While it may seem cliche, staying hydrated is vitally important for your overall health. But if lack of flavour is an issue, there’s a good chance this is due to a dry mouth.

Unfortunately, vaping regularly can cause drier mouths, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut back.

Just to try to balance your vaping with drinking more water so you can get that essential saliva production needed to get the most flavour from your vapes.

Cut Back on Alcohol/Caffeine

Want to know another big cause of dry mouth? Alcohol and caffeine. Add to that how often these beverages make you want to urinate and you can see why this is bad for vaping.

The overall dehydrating effect derived from such drinks can end up causing vape tongue so try to limit your consumption of caffeine and alcohol as much as possible until your vape’s flavour returns.

Switch Up Your E-Juice

Some flavours are more intense than others and flooding your mouth with them can overwhelm your taste buds.

As previously mentioned, over-exposure to the same flavour can have a detrimental effect on your ability to taste it. That doesn’t mean you have to permanently give up your favourite flavour, it just means you may have to switch it up for a while.

It’s good to get out of your comfort zone. Try and experiment with flavours you don’t usually go for. You may even find a new favourite! More cooling flavours like menthol E-Liquid will serve as an excellent palate cleanser.

Take a Break

For serial vapers out there, try to take more breaks. Vaping too much can hinder your ability to get the zest you want out of the experience.

One way to do this is to go with higher nicotine as this should satisfy your vape cravings for longer. If you want to avoid upping your nicotine intake, then taking a break between vapes is truly the best option available.

Try Vapes Without Flavour

Finding it difficult to take a break? Then try out vaping e-juices with minimal flavour.

Using vapes with less or even no flavour at all may seem like the exact opposite of what you want. But in actuality, you can still get the benefits of vaping if you’re trying to quit smoking.

Vaping a more neutral or plain flavour is a way of taking a break without actually taking a break.

Replace your Vape Coil

There's a chance that you may not even be experiencing vape tongue at all.

If you've been using your vape a lot and haven't replaced the coil recently, there's a possibility that this is the problem. Sometimes the coil gets covered with a thin layer of residue and over time this will start clogging your vape.

If you need further information, take a look at our guide below so you don’t have to worry about losing that extra tang to your vapes.

Clean Your Tongue

Sometimes the solution is a simple one: make sure you have a clean tongue. Food debris and bacteria can contribute to a less rich experience when consuming anything. So make sure you take the time to brush your tongue with your toothbrush or even use a tongue scraper.

Stop Smoking

This step is easier said than done for sure. We all know that smoking is detrimental to your overall health, and unfortunately, lack of taste is undoubtedly one of the negative side effects that comes with it.

If you’ve recently quit smoking then you’ve already won the battle, but keep in mind that you may need to give it some time before your sense of taste returns again.

Don’t Worry!

Even if none of this advice works out for you, don’t worry too much! This isn’t an unusual experience for vapers. In the majority of cases, vape tongue will simply go away on its own. So just give it time. If the problem persists, it may be worth consulting your doctor or even your dentist.

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