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    Vapers could save £1000’s compared to cigarette smokers

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    Is money too tight to mention? With energy bills rising, we’re all looking for ways to cut back. But did you know that switching from smoking to vaping could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds a year?

    The NHS claims that you could save around £3,000 a year by switching from cigarettes to vaping.

    The Cost of Smoking is Smokers’ Biggest Concern

    A survey of 844 smokers and 1,156 ex-smokers commissioned by Yorkshire Cancer Research revealed that the cost of smoking is the number one reason for people wanting to quit.

    That’s no surprise when, according to the NHS, most smokers spend an average of £250 a month on the habit – that’s nearly £3,000 a year!

    43% of respondents stated that having a lack of money was their main reason for wanting to quit, with 30% highlighting health reasons.

    In fact, many regret having ever started smoking on the basis of just how expensive it is, in addition to the smell left on clothing and the numerous negative health conditions it promotes.



    Switching to Vaping Saves the NHS Money

    There are around 6.7 million smokers in the UK, and 200 people die each day from smoking in England alone. Smoking costs the NHS £2.6 billion a year, so making the switch from cigarettes to vaping can help save the NHS money.

    Public Health England studies show that vaping works 3-6 times better than nicotine replacement options such as patches or gum.

    An independent report by Dr Javed Khan OBE published by the Office for Health Improvement & Disparities on the 9th June 2022, concluded that vaping should be promoted as a tool to quit smoking. While it is currently not offered by the NHS, there have been discussions around doctors prescribing vape products, which we may see brought into effect over the next few years.


    Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

    Many people are still under the assumption that vaping is more expensive; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Some may argue that the reason for this perceived high cost is down to the glossy, high-tech hardware that is often advertised in the shop windows of some vape stores. Further still, there is the other common misconception of E-Liquids costing as much as a packet of cigarettes – despite most liquids lasting as much as four times as long!

    Here at RED Box Vape, we have E-Liquid deals for as low as £1 a bottle - certainly a lot cheaper than a pack of cigarettes, which average at £11.


    cost of smoking vs cost of vaping


    Affordable Vaping Kits

    There are some great value vape starter kits, pod devices and disposables now available on the market for smokers to try. You can get disposable vapes for around £5, which last as long (if not longer) as a pack of cigarettes, but cost half the price.

    Vaping kits are convenient and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, which means you can purchase a device that’s very unique to you. Be that a small, discreet vape disposable vape or a chunky Iron Man-style mod with a handy digital screen that notifies you when your battery is low and your tank needs a top-up.

    Despite some devices being a larger one-time purchase, because you are investing in a quality piece of kit with longevity, you are still saving money in the long run.

    Increasing Regulations on Smoking

    The associated costs of smoking tobacco are likely to continue soaring year after year; with more legislation and regulations being introduced to prevent smoking, it’s not only set to become more expensive, but the limitations from a convenience aspect are ever increasing.

    Smoking Restrictions

    In 2022, it was proposed that the smoking age should be increased by a year each year to phase out smoking in England.

    In Wales, restrictions on smoking were furthered in March 2022, with the smoking ban being extended to hotels and holiday accommodation, with no ‘smoking rooms’ allowed any longer. Last year, the ban was extended to public outdoor areas, such as hospital grounds and play parks.

    Less Restrictions on Vaping

    Vaping, however, has not experienced anywhere near the same level of scrutiny as cigarette smoking and has remained generally a consistent expenditure for regular vapers.

    That’s not to say that there are no regulations associated with vaping. Vaping laws are closely adhered to and monitored in the industry, with new products going through strict testing. RED Box Vape are active members of the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA), the professional voice of the vape industry.

    But if all of that doesn’t quite sway you, at RED Box Vape, you can save even more on vaping with E-Liquid discounts which you definitely wouldn’t be privy to as a cigarette smoker, leaving you with even more pennies for a rainy day!

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