Vapers could save £100’s compared to cigarette smokers
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Vapers could save £100’s compared to cigarette smokers

by James Cottis on March 28, 2019

Is money too tight to mention? Not for the vaping populous, who in a recent study have been pretty chuffed to report an average saving of £337 per year after ditching the cigarettes.

A survey of 844 smokers and 1,156 ex-smokers commissioned by Yorkshire Cancer Research revealed that the typical smoker has been keeping up the habit for around 22 years and gets through, on average, 12 cigarettes per day.

With stress, peer pressure and a lack of support being identified as the biggest reasons for smokers being unable to quit, it’s no wonder that this addiction takes up such a large proportion of people’s lives.

Though on the flip side, the number one reason for those polled wanting to quit was not health reasons (30%) but having a lack of money (43%). In fact, many regret having ever started smoking on the basis of just how expensive it is, in addition to the smell left on clothing and the numerous negative health conditions it promotes.

That’s no surprise when, according to the NHS, most smokers spend an average of £250 a month on the habit – that’s nearly £3,000 a year!

Though many are still under the assumption that vaping is more expensive…

Some may argue that the reason for this perceived high cost is down to the glossy, high technology hardware that is often advertised in the shop windows of some vape stores, and on their online channels. Further still, there is the other common misconception of e-liquids costing as much as a packet of cigarettes – despite most liquids lasting as much as four times as long!

There are some great value vape starter kits, pod devices and even disposables now available on the market for smokers to try, starting from as little as £14.99 when you buy from Red Box Vape. Vaping kits are convenient and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, which means you can purchase a device that’s very unique to you. Be that a small, discreet vape ‘pen’ or a chunky Iron Man style mod with a handy digital screen that notifies you when your battery is low and your tank needs a top-up.

Despite some devices being a larger one-time purchase, because you are investing in a quality piece of kit with longevity, you are still saving money in the long run.

Then once you’ve got your kit, all you really need to think about are your e-liquids (where you’ll be spoilt for choice with thousands of flavours to try) and replacing your coils every now and again. With many e-liquids also boasting a range of nicotine strengths, including the new Salts range from Red Liquids, new vapers can still benefit from the ‘throat hit’ sensation that smokers are so familiar with.

And unless you want to go really wild with you vaping accessories (and we mean WILD) all of the above can come at a fraction of the cost of smoking each year.

Plus, with the associated costs of smoking tobacco likely to continue soaring year after year, and more legislation and regulations being introduced to prevent smoking (such as Wales enforcing a ban on smoking outside in 2019), it’s not only set to become more expensive, but the limitations from a convenience aspect are ever increasing.

Vaping, however, has not experienced anywhere near the same level of scrutiny as cigarette smoking and has remained generally a consistent expenditure for regular vapers. That’s not to say that there are no regulations associated with vaping; these are closely adhered to and monitored by Red Box Vape and we are active members of the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA), the professional voice of the vape industry.

But if all of that doesn’t quite sway you, at Red Box Vape you can save even more on vaping with our loyalty card, which gives back 5% on every purchase to be later redeemed in-store or online – discounts you definitely wouldn’t be privy to as a cigarette smoker, leaving you with even more pennies for a rainy day!

Source credits: Yorkshire Cancer Research, TechRound, NHS Digital