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Summertime vaping tips

Although the weather hasn’t been as warm and bright as we’d love to enjoy, we’re pretty confident that it will come, and we are here to make sure you’re prepared for vaping during the summer.

We’ve put together a list of tips to keep you vaping safely on your day trips out or even if you’re at your local park or in the garden, here are five simple tips to ensure your device works well and you can vape safe.

Stay charged up

Keeping your device charged up any time of the year is important, but particularly in the summer months when the warmer temperature has a tendency to wear the life out of your battery quicker

If you’re planning to be out all day you may want to take a spare battery or a charger along with you, that way you don’t have the panic moment when your vaping is cut short due to a low battery!

Avoid exposing your liquid and device to direct sunlight

Just as you wouldn’t eat or drink food that has been left to sit out in the heat, you wouldn’t want to vape an E-Liquid that has been bathing gloriously in the front seat of your car. The heat and light can affect the consistency of the liquid, making it thinner and then possibly leaking, not to mention distorting the taste and colour of the liquid itself.

The heat can also damage any nicotine content in your liquid, this can damage the actual mechanics of the device as the nicotine compounds are broken down from intense heat exposure.

Although the risk is minimal, be wary of the effect of the heat on the actual device also, in particular the battery which, if it’s a lithium battery, could explode and cause irreparable damage to your device.

We suggest that you keep your device in a cool, dry place where possible, but out of direct sunlight is always good practice. You may want to think about removing the battery if possible and store them separately.

Leaky Tanks

The warmer temperature will naturally thin your E-Liquid and can also make the seals on your tank change in shape and shrink ever so slightly – enough for the thinner liquid to seep out!

High VG liquids are less likely to leak as they are thicker and more viscous, so you may opt for an E-Liquid with a higher VG ratio.

Keep it clean!

With the Coronavirus ensuring we all wash our hands and sanitise regularly; the same rules should apply with your device and E-Liquid bottles.

Keeping some disinfectant wipes in your bag or car are a great way to ensure you can wipe clean the body of your device after filling and after you’ve touched other surfaces. It can be something easily forgotten, but with the higher temperatures you’re also more likely to sweat a bit more and germs can be spread quite easily.

Our advice, continue to wash your hands regularly, use wipes or hand sanitiser to keep your device as germ and dirt free as possible throughout the day and give it a more thorough clean when you’re back at home.

Also, don’t share your device with anyone else to avoid the risk of infection, especially important now as we are all fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

Get the taste of summer!

Finally, although for the vast majority of us the prospect of a summer holiday is a beautiful dream, you can enjoy all the flavours of the tropics in your E-Liquids!

At RED Box Vape we have a huge selection of deliciously exotic and tropical flavours to the more traditional British summer fruit favourites!

The beauty is that they’re not just for summer and are great all day, any day vapes!

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