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    10mg Vape Juice

    If you’re transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you’ll want an E-Liquid that is able to satisfy your nicotine cravings without being too strong. E-Liquids are available in a range of strengths in the UK, from 0mg to 20mg.

    Who Should Use 10mg E-Liquids?

    A 10mg E-Liquid is a moderate strength of nicotine, and is recommended for light-moderate smokers who smoke around 5-15 cigarettes a day.

    If you’re a vaper already who uses higher strength vape juice, but want to reduce the amount of nicotine you intake, then a 10mg vape juice can also be useful for stepping down to a weaker strength E-Liquid. Some vapers have the goal of reducing or cutting out their nicotine intake, so a mid-strength E-Liquid can help on this journey.

    If you are a heavier smoker transitioning to vaping, you may be better suited to a stronger nicotine strength, such as 12mg, 18mg or 20mg E-Liquids, whereas a lighter smoker may better suit a 3mg or 6mg E-Liquid.

    Here at RED Box Vape, we have a wide collection of 10mg E-Liquids and Nic Salts to choose from in a variety of flavour options, from brands including RED Liquids, Vampire Vape, Pukka Juice, Boss Juice and nzo. Our E-Liquid range includes both 50VG/50PG 10ml E-Liquids and Nic salts.

    E-Liquid Flavours

    Flavour options are one of the biggest selling points for vaping, and here at RED Box Vape, we certainly have a lot for you to choose from. From familiar flavours like tobacco and menthol to sweeter notes of desserts and fruit, there are plenty of flavour opportunities to explore! Check out our full range of 10mg E-Liquids to find your favourite.

    VG/PG for 10mg E-Liquids

    Our 10ml 10mg E-Liquids can be found in 50 VG 50 PG. A 50/50 vape juice will offer a balanced vaping experience, with equal throat hit and flavour, with a moderate vape cloud.

    10mg Nicotine Salts

    Many of the E-Liquids in our 10mg vape juice range are nicotine salts. Salt nicotine is a type of E-Liquid that offers a smoother throat hit at higher strengths and a more satisfying nicotine hit, as the nic salts are absorbed faster.

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