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    What is Professional Vaping?

    A girl exhaling vapour out of her nose

    All of us here enjoy vaping, but it's safe to say we'd enjoy it a hell of a lot more if we were getting paid for it. If that sounds too good to be true, then you'll be pleased to find out that professional vaping is a thing.

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    Professional Vaping

    After storming through the industry, professional vaping has transformed into full-fledged competitions where you can win free gear and cash prizes.

    Some professional vaping is referred to as 'cloud chasing', although it’s worth noting that the title ‘cloud chaser’ isn’t exclusively reserved for pros, any vaper who enjoys producing a thick cloud falls under the same name!

    A guy producing a vape cloud

    What is Cloud Chasing?

    Cloud chasing refers to the competitive form of vaping, also known as sub-Ohm vaping, extreme vaping and stunt vaping.

    When competing, you aim to produce the largest vapour clouds using a vape device. This is performed in front of a board of judges and spectators, otherwise known as 'cloud gazers'.

    Cloud chasers tend not to use E-Liquids containing nicotine. Their vape device of choice will be a sub-Ohm or vape mod, allowing them to tweak the wattage settings and use any interchangeable parts such as the coil. These changes will help them to create the perfect cloud.

    The competition will come down to size and skill. Some competitions will challenge vapers to blow the largest possible cloud, whereas others will want the vapers to impress the judges with their skills. Some vapers have been known to blow cloud distances of up to six feet.


    The Origins of Cloud Chasing

    Naturally, cloud chasing evolved from vaping; E-cigarettes were the first devices used to produce clouds in the US in 2015. Some claim that cloud chasing started on the West Coast of the USA, although the exact region is still unknown.

    A man sat in a field exhaling vapour


    Cloud Chasing Tricks

    Because some competitions require the vaper to use their vaping skills to impress the judges, they will often need to get a bit more creative with their exhaling.

    Common tricks include 'the dragon', which is exhaled through the nose and out the sides of the mouth. Another exciting trick is 'pushing the o', which involves blowing rings of vapour manipulated by the hands while also blowing additional rings.


    Cloud Chasing Tips

    If you're interested in trying out a bit of cloud chasing, there are some key factors and tips worth considering to help up your game.

    Don't forget that cloud chasing requires both skill and knowledge to be performed safely, so before starting, you should think about:

    • Battery safety – use the safest batteries on the market such as AW, Sony, Samsung and VTC4/VTC5.
    • Airflow – both airflow and resistance are needed. The lower the resistance, the more airflow will be needed; however, the vapour can be thin if there's too much airflow.
    • E-Liquid – VG is prone to produce more vapour, but you will need to check that your device is compatible with a high VG blend.
    • Mod – Using the correct mod is important. Mechanical mods will offer raw power, but some newer models are comparable.
    • Wicking – Using the correct material and thickness is also important; it allows the air and e-liquid to flow through the coils.
    • Coil build – there are various builds that you can create; each will influence the vapour production of your device. The more vapour that is created, the lower the resistance should be.
    • Technique – your technique will impact the amount of cloud you create. It can take months of practice. Focus on your posture, inhaling abilities and exhaling technique to take it to the next level.

    We hope this article has been helpful. If you're looking to enter competitions, you can find numerous ones in the UK, such as Vape Jam and Vaper Expo. Check out UK Vapers for their regional forum to keep you updated on any events in your area.

    For more information about vaping, you can contact a member of our team or check out our regularly updated blog, which is full of useful vaping tips and tricks!

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