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    VApril: Vaping Awareness Month has arrived!

    It’s April. The beginning of Spring, April showers (hopefully not many), Easter and now, VApril - the world’s largest vaping awareness and education campaign.

    Fronted by Dr Christian Jessen of the ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ TV series, VApril is a month-long campaign designed to give more clarity and information about vaping and its recently proven positive impacts on not just health, but the old bank balance too.

    Public Health England (PHE) state that vaping is contributing to at least 22,000 smokers quitting every year - a figure which is widely considered to be much higher according to the vape industry.

    The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) recently released the results of a research study just in time for VApril, which showed that the main reason for quitting smoking was because of the financial implications; vaping can save on average £346.32 a year. This means that the 3.2 million existing vapers are collectively £1.1billion better off each year!

    In addition to saving money, the detailed research also highlighted that the ‘smokers smell’, breathing better and the ‘smoker’s hacking coughs’ were also reasons to give up smoking.

    Vaping has been so crucial to many smokers on their journey to quitting - as much as 68% of people who have now quit say that had vaping not been an option, they may never have quit or even attempted to quit.

    The VApril campaign, organised by UKVIA who commissioned the research, state that there are still over 7 million smokers in the UK yet to benefit from the switch to vaping. John Dunne, Director at UKVIA, states: “The vapers that we have spoken to would not look back after making the switch and would overwhelmingly recommend switching to vaping to other smokers too.”

    He continued: “That’s why we are running the VApril campaign, to educate smokers about the benefits they can see from vaping. We’re also hoping to educate the wider public about the differences between vaping and smoking so that they can provide vapers with the support to make the switch.”

    VApril is a great time to start and there is plenty of support available online at, highlighting all of the benefits. Dr Christian is immensely enthusiastic about the campaign: “There are now more than three million vapers in the UK who have made that life-changing decision to switch from smoking. As today’s studies show, there are a whole raft of benefits to making the switch, not just on smokers’ health, but financial and social benefits too. But yet, according to Public Health England, an incredible 40% of smokers have never even tried vaping.”

    He explains: “We’re in danger of missing out on the huge public health prize of a smoke-free society if the medical profession doesn’t start encouraging smokers to take up vaping. Vaping has so far helped 3.2 million smokers to either quit or reduce smoking, saving the NHS billions in treating those with smoking-related health conditions.

    “There is a growing bank of evidence which shows it can reduce smoking relating harm and yet despite that, more than half of hospitals across the UK ban vaping on their grounds. It’s time we were consistent and gave clear advice to smokers to help combat the misinformation they are all too often bombarded with about vaping.”

    At Red Box Vape, we are huge advocates of vaping as an alternative to smoking and we’re already hearing from many of our customers about the life-changing difference that vaping has made to them as individuals, and to their families following them quitting.

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