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    Keep Calm and Carry on Vaping, your Coronavirus guide

    Week three of the UK lockdown and with guidelines changing regularly and likely to continue to do so until we have flattened the curve, we wanted to share our tips for vaping, safely.

    All of these tips are in line with government, Public Health England, UKVIA and WHO guidance.

    Use your own device

    Do not share your device with anyone else. Whether they’re in the same house as you or not, please don’t share. This is to avoid the passing on or contracting of the COVID-19 virus.

    Although the PHE has stated that there is no evidence of the virus spreading via vapour from an e-cigarette, we encourage you not to share the device itself.

    Vape Hygiene

    With the focus on personal hygiene being an extremely important factor to avoid the transmission of the virus, we thought it’d be a good reminder to repeat that basic vape hygiene is also important.

    Cleaning your device and liquid bottle with anti-bac spray on a tissue or an anti-bac wipe to remove bacteria is a good habit to form generally, especially so now.

    Also, when vaping, make sure your hands are clean and avoid touching your face and mouth with your hands.

    Practice good distancing

    Follow the governments guidelines of social distancing by at least 2m from others (other than those in your household). If, whilst out on the one form of exercise permitted currently, you are nearing someone who isn’t moving to distance themselves, do it yourself. It’s not silly, its safe.

    Also, when vaping out in public domains, understand that many people are feeling anxious right now about the current situation. Please show consideration for others by exhaling away from others so as to avoid unnecessary alarm and concern.

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    Want to quit and have a question?

    If you’re choosing to quit smoking, good for you! We’re here to give you all the support and advice you need to make the transition to vaping as smooth and successful as possible.

    Our team of experts are specially trained and understand the regulations around vaping and the products themselves. Many of our expert staff are ex-smokers themselves and totally understand how you’re feeling right now and can help you make the right choice of hardware and liquid for you.

    Feeling unwell?

    Have you developed any of the symptoms linked to COVID-19? If so, our advice is to avoid (stop if possible) vaping with immediate effect and contact 111. If you feel you need to continue vaping, please ask your GP for their advice.

    Remember, if you have a fever or a dry cough, please stay at home and self-isolate for 7 days. All other members of your household should self-isolate for 14 days. These are the government and NHS guidelines – please follow all guidance and stay safe.

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