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    Beginner's Guide to Vape Mods

    When you first start vaping, it is often best to begin with a pod vape or vape pen, as these are typically the simplest to operate and bear the closest resemblance to smoking a cigarette.

    But once you have become accustomed to the act of vaping, or want to try a new vape experience, then you may wish to begin experimenting with vape mods.

    Here we share all you need to know about getting started with mod devices.

    What Are Vape Mods?

    Vape mods are a more advanced type of vaping equipment. Short for modified and also known as APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporisers), vape mods give you a greater level of control over your vaping experience.

    Why Choose a Vape Mod?

    There are many reasons why you may choose to try a vape mod. Here are a few of the key benefits.

    Greater Control Over the Vaping Experience

    More simplistic vape kits, such as pods, can work just by inhaling - many don’t even have buttons. While this is great for a beginner, or someone looking for a very easy vape to help them stop smoking, some vapers wish to adjust their vape to make it perfect for them.

    Vape mods can allow you to adapt your experience by adjusting settings such as the wattage, temperature and voltage. These settings can affect things like the amount of vapour that is produced and the temperature of the vape cloud as it hits your lungs.

    Variable Wattage

    Many mods will allow you to adjust how much wattage is used for your atomiser. If you want to create big clouds of vapour, then you’ll want a higher power device. For the average vaper, 80 watts is plenty powerful.

    Temperature Control

    You can also find vape mods that have controls for adjusting the temperature. How hot the vapour is can be a very personal decision - some enjoy the feeling of a warm vapour as it is inhaled, while others may find the temperature a little uncomfortable.

    Playing with the temperature can also have an effect on the flavour of the E-Liquid - adding some extra heat can make the flavour more intense.

    Easier to Monitor Battery Levels

    Most vape pods and e-cigarettes do not have a display screen to share details about the device, such as the percentage of battery remaining.

    While some devices will show an orange or red light to indicate they need charging, it’s never good to have your vape device run out of power unexpectedly.

    Some vapers like using a vape mod as the display screen will give a more accurate visual indication of when the device needs charging, so you can leave the house confident that your vape will see you through the day!

    In addition, the larger format of these devices means that the batteries also tend to last a bit longer.


    Vape mods offer a greater variety of designs and styles when it comes to the aesthetic of your vape device. Many e-cigarettes will come in fairly standard designs, but the mod device tends to be more customisable.

    There are shapes, patterns, colours and finishes to suit all styles, so you’re sure to find a device that meets your desired appearance.

    Different Types of Vape Mod

    There are a few different choices when it comes to mod devices:

    Box Mods

    Box mods are box-shaped devices and are one of the most popular types of mods. They are usually the best type of mod device for those getting started with mods.

    Some will have a built-in battery, but you can also find box mods with removable e-cigarette batteries. Either way, the battery capacity tends to be higher for these devices, allowing you to use more power or have a device that lasts longer.

    Most box mods will have adjustable settings, allowing you to turn the power up and down, amongst other changes.

    They tend to be larger than most vape devices, which presents pros and cons. Some like the larger size as they find it easier to hold, whereas others may find it too big to fit comfortably in pockets.

    Squonk Mods

    An increasingly popular way of vaping, squonk mods are an advanced kit. Squonkers are used for simulating the dripping style of vaping.

    Dripping is the act of directly dripping your E-Liquid onto the cotton and coil for better flavour. Doing this manually takes time and effort, so using a device that makes this much easier has made the squonk mod popular.

    The device contains a built-in squeeze bottle that can directly add the E-Liquid. Squonkers are best for mid-advanced box mod users, as they are slightly more complex.

    Mechanical Mods

    As the name suggests, mechanical mods are purely mechanical. They are metal tubes that contain a removable battery. To use it, you press a button in, which pushes the battery up to make a connection with the coil.

    While they take some skill to maintain, these devices can produce huge clouds of vapour, especially when you use extremely sub-ohm coils.

    These are best left to more advanced mod vapers, as they require a confident knowledge of ohm's law and battery safety to use.

    Extra Components

    Once you’ve picked your vape mod, you will need to choose the essential accessories that make your mod into a full kit. Vape mods are all about being customisable, so you get to choose each part of your kit.

    The parts you will need are:
    • Tank
    • Coil
    • Battery
    • E-Liquid




    The tank you choose will depend on the mod you have chosen. A large box mod can work with a larger tank - which is often used alongside sub-ohm coils for creating larger clouds.

    If you choose a squonk mod, then you will need a bottom-feeding dripper, while a mechanical mod can use any tank, as long as it suits the coil resistance required.


    If your vape mod can output a high power level, then you can use a sub-ohm coil with it to produce huge vapour clouds. A slimmer mod with a smaller tank will likely need a coil with a higher resistance.


    Some mod kits will come with removable batteries which need to be recharged or replaced. There are many different batteries to choose from, with variations in capacity, discharge rate and amp limit. If you are using a vape device with a removable battery, then keep battery safety in mind!



    Once you have your vape kit together, you will need to purchase the right E-Liquid for your new device. If you’re after a bit of cloud chasing, then you’ll want an E-Liquid with a high VG content but low nicotine strength.

    If you are using a smaller mod with higher resistance, then you may wish to try it with nic salts or a higher strength and PG E-Liquid.

    Here at RED Box Vape, we have the best cheap vape juice in the UK, so you’re sure to find the perfect E-Liquid for your new device.

    Choosing a Vape Mod

    Ready to choose your first vape mod? The world of vaping is constantly evolving and adapting, so new devices with advanced features are continually being added to the market - you’re sure to find the right vape device for you!

    You can take a look at our selection of mod devices to get started on the next step of your vaping adventure!

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