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    10 Vape Battery Safety Tips

    The batteries used in your vape device are powerful cells that enable you to keep vaping all day long. While battery safety tips may seem like common sense to some, it is important to keep the following advice in mind when using a vape.

    Over the years, vaping has gained negative press for a few things, including vape batteries exploding. This is an extremely rare occurrence and one that can be avoided by taking appropriate battery safety measures.

    To make sure your vape device remains safe, we have compiled the top ten tips you need to know to ensure your battery is safe to use!

    Don’t Expose Batteries to Extreme Temperatures

    Batteries should be kept at room temperature and away from sources of heat - whether that’s fire, direct sunlight or a radiator.

    If a battery gets too hot, it strains the battery and will make them age faster and can even cause them to leak. If it gets too cold, then the battery capacity will deplete.

    Never keep a battery in a place that will get hot, such as in your car. If they are exposed to extreme temperatures, then they will stop working and can bubble out chemicals, set on fire, explode or damage your device.

    Don’t Use Damaged Batteries

    Damaged batteries can be dangerous for you and your device. If a battery is dented, then it could be compromised and cause a leak within your device.

    You should also check for signs of rusting or corrosion on your battery. If this is spotted, then the battery should be discarded.

    Avoid Contact With Water

    If your vape battery falls into water or gets saturated by water, then you should stop using it and recycle the battery.

    Waterproof devices are available if you are often around water or in a situation where your vape battery might get wet.

    Buy Batteries From a Trusted Source

    Always purchase your vape batteries from a trusted retailer, such as RED Box Vape. Aim to purchase batteries made by a reliable brand, such as Samsung or LG cells. While they may be more expensive than counterfeit batteries, they are much safer and will perform to a higher standard.

    Cheap, counterfeit vape batteries can become faulty and cause harm to your device.

    Make Sure the Wrapping is Intact

    It’s important that the wrap on your battery is intact and in good condition. If it is damaged, you can re-wrap the battery or replace it.

    The wrap is there to prevent your vape device from shorting. Beneath the wrap is metal, and if this touches the metal interior of your vape, then this can cause problems.

    Check the Amp Limits For the Battery

    It is essential that you check your battery can handle the power your device needs.

    You’ll need to work out the amp limit of your batteries. This will tell you the most current you can get from the battery while remaining safe. Check the battery specifications for the maximum continuous current rating. This will be a number in amps that reveals how much current the battery can safely provide continuously.

    Don’t Carry Batteries Loose in a Bag or Pocket

    Batteries should always be stored and carried in a battery case. If they’re just stuffed in a pocket or bag, they can become damaged while knocking against other items in your pocket.

    It is also dangerous to allow batteries to come into contact with metal objects, which are likely to also be in pockets and bags.

    Don’t Leave Batteries Charging Unattended

    Rechargeable batteries should not be left unattended while they are charging. While they should be safe, battery chargers are still electrical items, and faults can always occur, so it is best to use them when you are at home and awake.

    You should also avoid overcharging your batteries, so make sure you remove them from charging once they are full.

    Avoid Contact With Other Metal Items

    If batteries come into contact with other metal items such as keys or coins, then it can cause the batteries to short circuit. This can make the batteries vent and potentially even explode.

    Use the Correct Charging Equipment For Your Vape

    Whether you charge your batteries in a dedicated battery charger or you charge the vape device itself directly, it is crucial that you use the correct charging equipment.

    Using the wrong charger can impact your battery and cause your device to function poorly, and can damage it in the long-term.
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