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Bored in the house, in the house bored?

We’re heading into week eight of lockdown…or is it seven?! And whilst many of us are working from home or have children now learning from home too, it’s no joke being in lockdown and with the added challenge of lack of convenience and freedom, boredom can quickly creep in.

With many people using the extra time at home to try a new hobby or focus more on the little things they enjoy but don’t normally have the time for, some people need a little inspo to liven lockdown up!

Here are RED Box Vapes boredom busters, let us know if you try any of them!

Bored Games (Geddit!)

Reserved for a rainy day or for after Christmas dinner, board games are highly underrated! If you have children and you want to keep things educational, there are lots of popular board games available from classics like Monopoly and Uno to Articulate!

Board Games really bring everyone together and if you find your screen time has increased over the past few weeks as you use your devices for social media, schooling, working, shopping and erm, playing games, then board games are a great distraction for the mind and your eyes and to bring out some healthy competition!

Let’s get cooking!

Whether you’re a wannabe MasterChef or new to cooking, using the extra time at home to develop your culinary skills or to try new recipes can really help dampen the boredom…some even say it’s therapeutic!

Whether it’s using up old bananas to make the popular lockdown favourite, banana bread, or trying new ways of cooking your favourite fast food, there are lots of recipes online to try!

Your body is a temple

Exercise is great for your body and your body and your mind and so it’s really important that if you can, that you take your daily exercise walk as recommended by the government. If you can’t or you want to exercise some more, why not try something new.

There are lots of workouts available on YouTube and are free to watch and with no equipment needed, it’s an easy and affordable option.

Its also really important to get children involved in sporty activities and exercise. Maybe ask your child to put a circuit together and you complete it together – making it fun, fit and educational too!

Spruce up the garden

If you have a garden, you could use this extra time to tend to plants, sow some grass seeds where the lawn has become patchy from lots of football or make it a haven to relax in!

As the weather is warmer at this time of year and the days are longer, now is the perfect time and no need to wait for the bank holidays to focus on the garden either.

If you have limited space, why not plant some herbs in a window box or some greenery and flowers in a flower box – this can really add some summer vibes to your home and the herbs will come in handy with all the new recipes you’re cooking!

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