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Best Mint Flavoured E-Liquids in the UK

When it comes to choosing E-Liquids, flavour is an important thing to consider. Many want to try out the wide variety of flavours and aromas that the world of vaping allows you to sample, but where do you start?

Mint E-Liquid is an excellent flavour choice for vapers of all experience levels. The classic flavour appeals to almost everyone and offers the vaper a refreshing feeling.

If you previously smoked menthol cigarettes, then the cooling hit from a mint-flavoured E-Liquid can also offer a sense of familiarity.

Here we take a look at some of our most popular mint E-Liquids.


RED Liquids – Double Menthol

The Double Menthol flavour from RED Liquids is our best-selling menthol E-Liquid. Combining both menthol and mint in one E-Liquid, this popular flavour gives you an extra hit of mintiness for a truly refreshing experience.

This invigorating E-Liquid is available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg options, allowing you to choose the best strength for you.

Zeus Salts – Phoenix Tears

If you like your vape a little stronger, then nic salts can be the best way to achieve a higher nicotine content without the harsh throat hit.

For fans of minty flavours, Phoenix Tears from Zeus Salts could be just the thing! The pairing of citrus and mint creates a vape experience that can be enjoyed all day long while refreshing and cleansing the palate.

It is available in 10mg and 20mg, 10ml bottles.

nzo – Cucumber Mint

If you vape with an nzo pod, then a must-try flavour is the Cucumber Mint pod. Cucumber and mint are two flavours known for providing a cooling and refreshing experience.

An incredibly satisfying flavour combination, this pod is one that is sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Available in 0mg, 10mg and 20mg strengths, this E-Liquid is ideal for vapers of all levels.

RED Liquids – Ice Mint

One of the things people enjoy most about mint flavours is the cooling hit that it provides. Mint makes you feel refreshed and helps to wake you up.

The Ice Mint E-Liquid from RED Liquids takes this one step further, adding extra iciness to the experience. The cooling mint and extra hit of ice will make you feel invigorated with every puff.

This E-Liquid is available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg strengths.


Sweet Spot Shortfill – Spearmint Chews

If you prefer to use shortfills in your vape, then you’re in luck with this E-Liquid option from Sweet Spot. The Spearmint Chews flavour offers the classic taste of the retro sweet of the same name.

You’ll experience a refreshed feeling from the icy blast this E-Liquid treat offers!

As a shortfill, this E-Liquid is 0mg nicotine, so can be used as a nicotine-free E-Liquid or be used alongside a nicotine shot to create an E-Liquid of your chosen strength.

If you want to browse our full collection of mint E-Liquids, or would rather try out a different flavour, then you can take a look at the extensive range of E-Liquids that we have available here at RED Box Vape!

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