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A message to our customers

Following the recent and ongoing news coverage about the ‘epidemic’ of vaping related illnesses and deaths in the USA, we at Red Box Vape are keen to reassure and inform our customers of the facts around these stories.
The health, safety and wellbeing of our customers are of utmost priority and we have been following closely the news and the guidance and information from the Independent British Vaping Trade Association (IBVTA), of which we are members, to ensure that we are providing the correct information to you.
In the USA there have been a number of documented hospitalisations and now, sadly, six deaths. This has, of course, caused unrest and understandable alarm.
Investigations by health officials have found that the liquids used to vape contain unsafe levels of Vitamin E acetate and THC containing products (the chemical compound found in the marijuana plant that gives a ‘high’). THC is an illegal substance in the UK but is legal in some states in the USA.
The cause of these illnesses and the associated deaths are due to the hazardous cocktail of ingredients in the liquids sold misleadingly to consumers in the USA.
The IBVTA continues to represent the vape industry at the Public Health England conference 2019, working with local authorities and organisations to embrace vaping as an alternative to smoking. Gillian Golden, CEO, IBVTA, responded to recent news coverage;
“It is important with regular inaccurate media reporting, the misinformation surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes needs to be corrected so that smokers can be confident switching. This needs to be a combined effort across industry, government and public health community.”
Public Health England has added to this further by commenting;
“Our advice on e-cigarettes remains unchanged – vaping isn’t completely risk-free, but it is far less harmful than smoking tobacco. There is no situation where it would be better for your health to continue smoking rather than switching completely to vaping.”
Red Box Vape's primary objective is to offer safe products to be enjoyed by our customers. We have always and will continue to sell products which are in accordance with the regulations in the country in which we distribute them in.

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