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Make the switch to vaping

You’ve thought about quitting smoking for a while now, you’re not alone. Almost 7 out of 10 tobacco smokers say that they want to stop and know that this is one of the best things they can do for their health.

The damaging effects smoking has on the heart, lungs and brain are hugely harmful and nearly a third of all heart disease deaths are the result of smoking or passive smoking. So, it’s not just harming the smoker, but those around us too.

As a business we are committed to supporting ex-smokers and those looking to quit. All of our retail colleagues are highly trained in all things vape related, many of them are also ex-smokers themselves and know first-hand the difficulties people face when they make the decision to give up tobacco.

It’s a minefield, with so much conflicting information available it’s enough to make many people give up on giving up! Our teams are given regular updates in their training to ensure they’re always offering the most relevant and current information to help customers make a more considered decision. They also want to know about you; how long you’ve smoked for, what you smoke, how much you smoke are amongst some of the questions you’d be asked – it’s not painful or scary, it’s a friendly conversation which our team relate so well to.

They’re always happy to share their experience with you and we’ve seen them help so many people make the switch to a healthier lifestyle through vaping already!

As a business, we are also very vocal in the vaping industry about our responsibility to our customers, to help them quit and to continue offering the best advice, support and products. We are members of the IBVTA (Independent British Vape Trade Association) with our Managing Director an active board member.

With free delivery and home delivery in some areas too, you will never be without. We’d love to hear your switch to vaping story so this can help to inspire others to do the same! Email us your story at 

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Beginner’s Guide – Let’s get you started

Here’s a simple guide to vaping to help get you started!
Where to begin?

Where to begin?

All vaping devices are pretty much made up of the same parts: A battery, a tank to hold the liquids, a heating element/coil and drip tip. 


What types of devices are there?

People refer to devices by various names, like e-cigarette, vape pen and mods to name the most common.

Vape pens

These are great for new vapers and are fairly inexpensive too. They have great battery power and are usually take lower ohm coils which means you get smaller, more discreet clouds, lots of flavour and the throat hit that many ex-smokers are familiar with. Its recommended that e-liquids with a higher VG content are used with pen devices.

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On the go

Pod Systems

The convenience of the pod device has made this type of vaping device hugely popular with new and experienced vapers alike. The compact size and sleek lines of the RED Box Vape choice, nzo vape is part of the appeal.

That and the variety of flavours! You can switch easily between pods, which contain 1.7ml of liquid, making them last longer and great value too. The disposable pod system is a great option if you are thinking of making the switch from smoking to vaping.



There are many different mods available to buy. These are best suited to more experienced vapers and often more powerful too. These are great for vapers who like big clouds and full on flavour. Mods can be used with high and low VG liquids, with or without nicotine too.

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What’s in my e-liquid?

E-liquids are made up using Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The combination of both these ingredients forms the base of your e-liquid, to which flavourings are added. The ratio of VG/PG varies from 50/50 to 70/30 and the flavour blends are infinite, from cool and icy, to fruity and tropical to sweets and desserts! There are so many to choose from!

Both VG and PG are non-toxic ingredients. PG is thinner and less viscous and helps give the throat hit that smokers are familiar with. PG is also the main carrier of flavours added to the blend. VG in comparison is a lot thicker and helps give the vapour clouds. VG offers a much smoother vape experience.

How do I know the e-liquids are safe to use?

All RED Box Vape e-liquids are TPD approved and compliant and meet all UK regulations. It’s important that you only ever vape TPD compliant e-liquids as these have been thoroughly tested for use. We also recommend that you use an appropriate strength nicotine for you; if you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can help guide you.


We know that when your first start vaping some of the lingo can be a bit confusing, so we’ve put together a list of all the most common vaping jargon and slang terms you’ll probably come across (and then use yourself!)

ADV – All Day Vape; refers to a liquid you’d want to vape regularly or even, all day long!

Airflow – The amount of air that goes into a tank or atomiser. Generally, more airflow means more vapour.

Amps – Refers to strength of an electrical current. Batteries with higher amps are compatible with Sub-Ohm devices as they can manage low resistance without overheating.

Analog – Regular cigarette.

Atomiser – Electronic component that turns the nicotine into vapour, more commonly known as the coil.

Automatic – No buttons required, device powers up when you inhale

Batteries – Can be in-built into your device and charged with a usb charger or can be removed and recharged separately. It’s important to check the user manual that comes with your device to understand what battery is required for it and how to charge it.

Box Mods – Very popular with more experienced vapers. The shape lends itself to the name ‘box’ and allows for more battery capacity, LED screens and temperature gauge controls.

Charger – This is used to recharge your device. Often is a USB cable, but can be used plugged into the plug socket mains or via a computer. Some batteries can be removed and recharged separately.

Clearomiser – often known as the tank, holds the liquid in your device. Can be made from strong glass to steel.

Cloud Chasers – Vapers who create large clouds of vapour using a high-powered device. This is also done at competition level!

Coil – Once heated, the coil turns the liquid to vapour. Coils are made from various materials like nickel or titanium and are available to purchase ready to use. Experienced vapers sometimes prefer to make their own coils.

Cotton – Used to wick the coils in the device.

Drip tip – This is the mouthpiece attached to the tank on your device which you inhale the vapour through.

Dry Hit – This happens when there isn’t enough liquid in your tank or its not had enough time to soak into the cotton wick. This can damage your coil, so always make sure you have liquids before vaping.

Direct to lung (DTL) – This is achieved by using more airflow, usually in larger atomisers with bigger drip tips, and using your lungs to draw the vapour and inhaling directly into the lungs. This is better suited to zero nicotine liquids.

E-Cigarette – Most popular name for a device. Used mainly by health professionals and new vapers.

E-liquids – These are the liquids used in your device. There are so many different flavours and nicotine strengths available.

Flavour chasers – These vapers want more flavour and prefer this over the throat hit. To get a fuller flavour, high PG liquids are used.

Lung hit – A direct hit of vapour to the lungs (as opposed to a mouth to lung (MTL)) Sub-ohm vaping is best for achieving the big lung hit. Vapours seeking a lung hit usually take a lower nicotine level.

Mod – This is a form of advanced e-cigarette. Refers to any vape device that isn’t a direct comparison of a cigarette.

 Mouth to Lung (MTL) – This inhalation method is used with nicotine and gives the user the throat hit commonly associated with the cigarette.

Ohms – The unit of measurement of resistance. Standard coils range from 1.2 ohms to 2 ohms.

O-ring – a rubber ring that is often used to safely unscrew parts of your tank, especially if glass to clean or refill. Also referred to as a vape cloud trick to blow a ring of vapour.

Propylene Glycol/PG – This is a thinner liquid that gives a throat hit and carries flavour well.

Shortfill - These are larger bottles of e-liquid that contain zero nicotine. The bottles are called shortfills because they are not filled to the top. The space at the top is for adding a nicotine shot ('nic shot') - usually a high nicotine strength, unflavoured e-liquid.

Sub-Ohm – The resistance of an atomiser being below 1.0. If bigger clouds are sought, a sub-ohm tank is the way to go.

TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) - Is an EU directive that informs member states how to control tobacco, despite vapes not containing tobacco, they are included.

Vape Tricks – Popular tricks include, smoke rings, dragon breath and vape bubbles. There are lots of videos available online about these tricks and even competitions for vape tricks!

Vegetable Glycerin/VG – This is a thicker liquids and is a key component when producing e-liquids.

Watts –
This refers to the output power of your device. Generally, the higher the watts the more powerful the vape.

Zero nic/ Zero nicotine – Means there is no nicotine in your e-liquid.


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