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            Discover a new world of flavour with our shisha vape range at RED Box Vape, with disposable shisha pens available from top brands, including Elf Bar and Nasty Juice.

            Shisha disposables are renowned for their vibrant, fruity flavours, and that’s true of our range, with the delicious tastes of Mango & Banana, Pineapple Lemonade, Double Apple, and Watermelon Chill up for grabs across our e-shisha range.

            Shisha Vapes

            Mix'n'Match 5 for £20
            Mix'n'Match 10 for £39.50

            Elf Bar KOV Shisha NC600 Disposable

            Mix'n'Match 5 for £20
            Mix'n'Match 10 for £39.50

            Nasty Fix 20mg Disposable by Nasty Juice


            What Are Shisha Vapes?

            Shisha vapes, also known as e-shisha or hookah pen, is an electronic version of a shisha pipe or hookah. They have been designed as a modern replacement for the traditional hookah pipe, which is used with shisha tobacco.

            How Do Shisha Vapes Work?

            A shisha vape works more or less the same as an e-cigarette. The battery heats an atomising element to heat the juice, which is made from VG, PG and flavouring. While vape pens can come with refillable tanks for E-Liquid, shisha vapes will come pre-filled, like a disposable vape.

            Like the traditional pipes that inspired them, shisha vapes tend to have brightly coloured or patterned designs, which often represent the fun, fruity flavours inside.

            Shisha Vape Flavours

            Shisha vapes are known for their fruity flavours, bringing vibrant tastes to the vaping experience. Our range of shisha vapes includes Elf Bar KOV Shisha NC600, which offers the following flavours:

            • Cola With Fizzy

            • Mango Guava

            • Mix Fruit with Rose Aniseed

            • Raspberry Blackcurrant

            • Double Apple

            • Sweet Strawberry

            • Two Grapes

            • Berry Blast

            • Pink Grapefruit

            • Two Cherry

            • Orange Mint

            • Rainbow Candy

            • Blue Razz

            • Apple & Berry

            • Watermelon Chill

            Browse our full range of shisha vapes at RED Box Vape and discover a flavourful disposable for your next festival or night out, or to keep those cigarette cravings away throughout the day.