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Vaping 101: How to Inhale Properly

If you’re a newbie vaper looking to pick up vaping as a way to quit smoking, then you probably have a few questions or need a bit of assistance to get started.

The way you inhale, or draw, your vape makes a big difference in how much you enjoy it! Inhaling incorrectly can lead to an intake of too much nicotine or a coughing fit.

If your early vaping experiences aren’t enjoyable due to incorrect inhaling, then this can put people off vaping for good.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to inhale properly with the vape you have.


Mouth-to-Lung vs Direct-to-Lung

One of the key things you need to consider when learning to vape is whether you have a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape or a direct-to-lung (DTL) vape.

As you can probably tell by the names, MTL vaping involves holding the vapour in your mouth for a moment before drawing the vapour into the lungs, while DTL vaping sees the vapour inhaled directly into the lungs.


MTL Vaping

A mouth-to-lung vape is usually used for smaller vape devices that use high-resistance coils and higher nicotine levels (12mg – 20mg E-Liquid).

MTL vaping produces less vapour than DTL, and has a similar feel to smoking, offering a throat hit.

To vape using MTL style:

1. Draw the vapour into your mouth, in one long draw, and hold it there for a few seconds.
2. Breath in air through your mouth as you inhale the vapour into your lungs.
3. Next, exhale.

DTL Vaping

A direct-to-lung vape is usually used for larger vape devices that use low-resistance coils and lower nicotine levels (0mg – 6mg E-Liquid). E-Liquids for DTL vaping also typically have a higher VG content to offer a smoother vape experience.

DTL vaping feels easier to draw, providing a smooth hit of vapour, due to the lower levels of nicotine.

To vape using DTL style:

1. 3-5 second slow and steady draw.
2. Don’t take sharp draws.
3. Once it reaches your lungs, exhale the full clouds of vapour.


Getting the Draw Right

Whichever style of vaping you use, you need to get the draw right. The draw refers to the way you inhale through the vapouriser into your mouth.

The goal is to get a smooth draw, as not only is this more pleasant for the vaper, but your vape device will also function better with a smoother draw.

To inhale properly, you want to take a slow, steady draw for about 3-6 seconds.

This is probably a little longer than you would have spent having a drag on a cigarette. Vaping needs a slower, longer draw due to the way the device functions. To vape, E-Liquid needs to be drawn through the coil to turn it into vapour. Too shallow a draw, and you won’t have a satisfying vaping experience.

You Don’t Have to Inhale to the Lungs

Did you know that the nicotine in E-Liquid vapour gets absorbed by the blood vessels in your mouth?

This means that you don’t actually have to draw the vapour into your lungs to get the effects of the nicotine.

Many vapers like to inhale the vapour into their lungs, as it gives them a sensation similar to smoking. But, you don’t have to, if you would prefer not to.


Take a Break Between Vapes

Timing is also important when it comes to inhaling. It normally takes about 30 seconds for you to feel the effects of your vape, so you’ll probably want to wait at least this long between draws.

After you’ve finished a vape ‘session’, put your vape down and leave it to cool for at least a few minutes before you inhale again. Not only does this allow for the coil to cool down, but it also reduces the risk of you getting a sore or irritated throat. This is especially important when you’re using an E-Liquid or nic salt with a higher strength of nicotine.

Time to Experiment

As you learn to vape, you will probably find that the way you inhale becomes more about personal preference.

With more experience in vaping, you will come to learn about your preferred E-Liquids and adapt the voltage and wattage of your device to suit your chosen vape style. As such, it is quite likely that your draw and inhalation style will adapt to suit this.

These are all things that you will learn in time, with practice and a bit of experimentation. Don’t worry if you get it a bit wrong; there’s no need to be put off vaping if you have a bad experience to start with.

If you continue to struggle getting your draw and inhaling technique down, then please get in touch with our team! Many of us are ex-smokers, who know full well the challenges that switching to vaping can bring. We would be more than happy to help you with more tips and advice to get you on the right track!


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