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The ultimate e-liquid holiday gift guide

The perfect gift is something that’s thoughtful, personal, and, most importantly, useful!

So, what makes a perfect gift? E-liquid of course!

Get ready to tick off that Christmas list at rapid speed because we’ve picked out the best e-liquid flavours for everyone in your life, so you can find something that even the pickiest of vapers can’t wait to try! 

The silly one

For that friend who is always up for a laugh! Red Liquids Banoffee combines two unlikely elements – banana and coffee – to create a perfect combo of sweet, toasty goodness. It’s the kind of flavour that will instantly put anyone in a great mood. Plus, it’s just fun to say ‘banoffee’, right?

The fun one 

Even your serious Uncle George who hasn’t cracked a smile in 30 years won’t be able to help himself when he unwraps a tube of Doozy Gummy Bears. Fun, fruity, and full of nostalgia, it’ll take them right back to the pick-n-mix shop! A perfect choice for a bit of holiday amusement.

The quirky one

You know that friend who listens to bands you’ve never heard of, rocks brands you’ve never seen on the high street, and quotes films you’ve never seen? Up the quirky ante by giving them a tube of Red Liquids Blueberry. Subtle yet unexpected, it’s a sweet flavour that you don’t see every day – perfect for that hipster thing they’ve got going on.

The indulgent one

Some of us have a sweet tooth, and some of us have a love for dessert that seems to extend to every single nerve in our bodies. If you’re shopping for someone who falls into the latter category, you can’t go wrong with Moreish as Flawless Crème Brule Custard.

Sweet crème brule is combined with even sweeter custard to create a drool-worthy combo. Indulgent? Yeah. Delicious? Oh yeah. 

The edgy one

Some vapers take their e-liquid flavours (and themselves) very seriously. Of course we love them for it, but it can make it very tricky to pick out the right gift. Luckily, we’ve got it taken care of.

Barracuda Rolly is a no-frills flavour that does exactly what it says on the tin – delivers an authentic, ‘rolly’-inspired sensation that has just the right balance of edginess and pleasure. A great choice for even the snobbiest of vapers.

The flirty one

Outgoing, bold, and irresistibly sweet, IVY Chews Watermelon is a perfect choice for your loud, loving friend who always brings a fun vibe. Juicy watermelon is taken up a notch thanks to the candy undertones, to pack a peppy punch!

The British one

You can’t go wrong with the classics, and Red Liquids Sherbet Lemon will take you right back to those childhood summers sent by the seaside (even if you didn’t actually have them). The sweet-meets-sour balance has a traditional, British appeal that will have anyone tipping their cap in appreciation. 

The serious one

Every group needs someone level-headed and responsible to organize, communicate, and keep things running smoothly. That’s the friend who deserves Gorilla Bean Espresso Cream. Seriously sweet, it blends sharp espresso with creamy coffee notes to create a delicious treat that they’ll love escaping to while taking a break from that busy routine!

The old fashioned one

For your vintage-loving, retro-rocking pal, take it back to the good old days with Red Liquids Aromatic Tobacco. Traditional, toasty tobacco flavour will bring back good memories without the horrible side effects, making it a great go-to choice for that friend who has a soft spot for the oldies.

Make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true with a delicious e-liquid that flavour that satisfies the craving they didn’t know they had – and shows them just how well you know them. Browse our full range online or stop into your nearest Red Box Vape for advice from our expert team. 

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