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    Stealth Vaping: How to Vape Without Making Vapour

    There are a couple of reasons you might want to vape without producing vapour. It can be down to personal preference – while some vapers love to produce huge clouds of vapour, others prefer to keep it more low-key.

    More likely, though, is the need for discretion. There are certain situations and locations where puffing out a huge cloud of vapour isn’t really acceptable and will likely lead to a few angry stares!

    Luckily, there are a few ways you can reduce the amount of vapour you produce for a stealth vaping experience.


    Use E-Liquid With Higher PG

    To reduce the amount of vapour your vape produces, you’ll need to choose an E-Liquid with a higher PG.

    When people want to create huge vapour clouds, they opt for an E-Liquid with a higher VG level, so the opposite is true when you’re looking to keep things stealthy.

    Here at RED Box Vape, we have a wide range of 40VG/60PG E-Liquids in a variety of strengths and flavours.


    Turn Down the Power

    If you have a mod vape device, then you can try turning the power down on your atomiser. The lower the power of your vape device, the less vapour you’ll produce.

    Pick A Stealthier Device

    Stealth vaping isn’t just about keeping the vapour clouds to a minimum; sometimes you want to mask the fact you’re vaping at all!

    This may mean you need to purchase a smaller vape device – something a little more discreet that can be hidden within your hand.

    Smaller devices, like vape pens, also have the advantage of typically producing smaller vape clouds anyway, so you’ll get double the benefit from choosing a stealthy vape, such as the Nzo Vape. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the device, the less vapour is created.


    Change the Way You Inhale

    One of the most crucial parts of stealth vaping is the way you inhale. Getting this right makes all the difference between staying discreet and being noticed. You should use a Mouth-to-Lung draw to get a smaller vapour cloud.

    The easiest way to do this is to take shorter puffs on the vape, as the longer you draw on the vape, the larger the cloud you will produce.

    You can also try taking a deep breath through your nose as you vape, so the vapour becomes more diluted. This makes it less obvious when you exhale.

    A further trick to try is swallowing after you inhale, as this again reduces the amount of vapour produced.

    If you struggle with these methods, then simply pursing your lips and blowing the vapour downwards can be effective enough in concealing vapour, as it does not draw as much attention.

    Be Careful With Your Flavour Choice

    Big vapour clouds aren’t the only thing that can single you out as a vaper – the unmissable scent of a strong-smelling E-Liquid can also give the game away!

    If you’re looking for a more discreet and subtle vaping experience, then you’ll want to ditch the really bold flavoured E-Liquids, like bubblegum or tobacco and pick something lighter, like lemon or menthol E-Liquid.

    Conceal the Vapour

    Struggling to make the changes needed to make stealth vaping work? If you can’t get the hang of switching up your vaping technique, or a bit of vapour is still noticeable, then the only thing left to do is try to mask the vapour you do produce!

    Try exhaling down into your shirt or a cloth to hide the vapour, and this should mask any vapour you fail to conceal through stealth vaping.

    Another way of keeping vaping stealthy is by covering the LED lights on your device. Smaller pod devices have a light that comes on when taking a draw, so by covering this with your hand, for example, you are further concealing the fact that you are vaping.

    Things to Consider

    Now you know how to vape in a more discreet manner, there are some things you should consider. This mostly relates to etiquette and the law.

    For example, just because you can discreetly vape doesn’t mean it becomes acceptable to vape in a place that explicitly bans vaping. Remember that if you do get caught, you can be fined.

    Stealth vaping should be used to reduce the amount of vapour you produce so that you can vape while remaining discreet around other people. It should not be used to get around bans on vaping.

    It is important to keep in mind that stealth vaping isn’t 100% discreet. The sound of the coil activating as you draw can still attract attention to you, and this can be harder to conceal.

    Do you have any more tips on how to stealth vape to share with your fellow vapers? If so, leave a comment below or on our social media!

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