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With our growing catalogue of liquids, devices and accessories here at RED Box Vape, we always put lots of time and care into researching what our customers like and want as well as searching out the newest brands to add to our enviable line up.

All of our products are tried and tested by our amazing store teams before they even hit our shelves as we trust their feedback and recommendations.

So that got us thinking, of all the products our staff have tried which of them do they really love? We spoke to a few of our colleagues and thought we’d share their personal favourites!

Calum - Dunfermline

“My personal top pick? It has to be nzo. It's the perfect Starter Kit for beginners with it’s easy to use cartridge system, which features pre-filled nicotine salt E-Liquids and gives the user an effective like-for-like cigarette experience whilst keeping it convenient and cost effective.

Additionally, because of it's no fuss nature I find this to be the perfect backup device, even for advanced vapers like myself! When taking your dog for a walk or going away on holiday, the E-Liquids give you fast and efficient nicotine relief. I also never have to worry about changing out coils, tanks getting smashed or creating a mess filling it up; just stick your pod in, toot away and off you go! It's just that simple.

nzo carry a wide variety of premium E-Liquid flavours, and I’m one of those guys that's forever changing and experimenting with different liquids every rotation. However, my personal favourites have to be the RED Liquid's Blackcurrant Lemonade and Pacha Mama's Apple Tobacco. They're both well executed flavours that just never get old.

One of the most exciting things about nzo is that there's always new flavours coming out and they collaborate with some of the hottest industry leaders going! My customers and I are always anticipating the next range and you can tell a lot of deliberation and care goes into what particular flavours are chosen.

In my humble opinion, nzo has perfected what an E-Cigarette should ultimately achieve.”

James - Four Lane Ends

“I am not what you would call a traditional vaper, I’m a mech enthusiast and builder at heart but over the past year or so I have noticed that I have slipped into the pod and MTL (Mouth to Lung) scene.

When I opened Four Lane Ends store back up after lockdown I wanted to get back to my roots. That was when I discovered the Dovpo Blotto RTA. It felt like fresh wood was thrown on the fire, reigniting my passion for building.

I felt so alive building on it for the first time, wicking it was a dream and taking the first pull on this flavour banger was exactly what I needed. The Blotto's chimney is a dome perfect for capturing the most flavour possible and with the 242 degree air flow you are really in for a true flavour experience.

When it comes to juice, I am super picky, I love sweet juices but look for ones that won't kill your wick and 50 Large Bango Mango ticks both those boxes. The ripe, creamy banana acts as the bassline for the juice and then the sweet mango comes in to finish the ride off.

In my pods however it’s a different story, I love menthol and that’s why Vampire Vape Heisenberg 20mg salt is my everyday go to. The medley of mixed berries, aniseed and menthol is exactly what I need.

Ever since joining the RED Box Vape family, I have polished off over 60 bottles of RED Liquids The Blue One salt. It's pretty similar to Heisenberg but it has more berry flavour and less aniseed which makes it a great alternative to Heisenberg. You're getting the same overall juice but with the added punch of extra juicy berries and less aniseed.

These are my top picks; whether you're a new vaper or someone who’s been vaping a while I think you will love what we have to offer here.”

Tom – Nottingham.

“I have found myself over the past year loving the easy use, compact, flavourful and convenient pod systems that we stock. Personally, I found the Smok line of pods, be this the Nord, Alpha, RPM 40 or my current daily drive, the RPM 80 to be very robust, have decent coil life, great in flavour and very user friendly, but most of all, reliable.

With this range of devices comes a multitude of coils to pick and choose from, depending on your preference and vape style; plus, all being mesh for that high-quality flavour and overall performance. The devices come in an extensive range of different colours, patterns and style and for anyone who shops with us in Nottingham or know me personally, a pretty colour is everything!

So, juice, flavour, and brands. I'm sure these are questions you wonder what us staff pick for the best vaping experience. For me I'm a flavour chaser, I look for those beautiful tasting fruits, cool menthols and moreish desserts. Right now, I'm loving the Blueberry Pomegranate from the new Pod Salt range. Its soft, the fruits are delicate and pack an amazing flavour that doesn’t go away.

If you're like me and have a sweet tooth, the Just Juice Blue Raspberry will satisfy you in all its sweet blue tasting glory, never gets boring and holds its flavour to the very last drag on your coil.

For all you menthol lovers, I have an odd and exciting choice for you, Cucumber Mint from the RED Liquids line of salts. This flavour is so refreshing, its tasty, has a very mellow pleasant cool kick and is a beautiful balance of cucumber and minty goodness, perfect for refreshing your palate.

These are my top choices of devices and liquids for you lovely and eager customers to get your hands on and try! Whether you're an experienced vaper or looking to begin your journey on a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. My choices will have you packing great flavour, reliable coil life and keeping your choice convenient for your day to day life.

This has been Tom from RED Box Vape Nottingham, have yourself a lovely day!”

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