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Pre-filled vs Refillable Pod Kits

If you’re just beginning to make the transition from cigarettes to vaping, you’ll likely have come across pod kits and their many benefits.

Pod vaping systems are often preferred by beginners because they are discreet, pocket-friendly and easy and convenient to use while also giving you the familiar experience of a similar action to smoking. Pod vape systems are broken down into two categories - pre-filled and refillable pods.

Which is the better choice? We consider it here.

What are Pod Systems?

As the name suggests, a pod kit consists of pods containing E-Liquid that are simply clicked into your vape device. These are great for beginners because you have access to everything you need within the pods and device itself without having to worry about external tanks, wicks or coils.



As previously mentioned, there are two types of pod systems; those using either pre-filled or refillable pods. The two systems are also referred to as closed or open systems, respectively.

  • Pre-filled pods are already filled with E-Liquid; you just slot the cartridges into your device and remove them when they’re finished. They cannot be refilled.
  • Refillable pods can be manually refilled with whichever E-Liquid you choose. You will usually have to unscrew the top of the pods and put in your new liquid with a dropper.


The Benefits of Pre-Filled Pods

Closed pod vape systems can give the ease and convenience of smoking, which can make the transition to vaping smoother and help you quit cigarettes for good.

Without the need to manually replenish E-Liquids (which some may find more fiddly), you can simply slot your chosen pod into the device and start vaping easily and straight away.

This also means pre-filled pods require less maintenance. With no additional coils, wicks or liquids to worry about, you only have to take care of replacing the E-Liquid cartridge once it is finished. You are also less likely to experience any leaks with pre-filled pods.

All of these benefits make closed pod vape kits ideal for those just entering the vaping world!

The Benefits of Refillable Pods

The biggest draw of choosing refillable pods is that you will have access to a wider range of E-Liquid strengths and flavours as you don’t have to rely on pre-filled pods that are compatible with your vape device.

This higher level of customisation also allows you to use shortfills and nic shots for a cheaper vaping experience and can give you more control over nicotine strengths.

As these kinds of pods are reusable, open systems are usually slightly cheaper - you will only have to buy the bottled E-Liquid rather than new additional pods each time.

Ultimately, choosing the right kind of vape for you will come down to personal preference and what you want from a vape. If you want the easiest experience possible, pre-filled pods are the way to go, but if you want the choice of more E-Liquids with complex flavour profiles, refillable pods are for you!

Whichever route you decide to go down, you can browse our range of vape kits, E-Liquids and nic salts in the UK to find the perfect deal for you.


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