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JUUL Banned in the US: The Importance of Vaping Regulations

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Big changes are coming in the vaping world after one of the most popular vaping brands, JUUL, has been banned in the United States. The news was announced at the end of June 2022 and would lead to all of JUUL’s products being pulled from the marketplace in America.

JUUL are appealing the decision.

While this may come as a shock to vapers, who enjoy this much-loved brand, the lack of concrete regulations and developing issues with vaping in the United States has led to this extreme ruling.

Why is JUUL Being Banned in the US?

There are a few reasons why JUUL is being banned in the United States, with many of the issues regarding the use of e-cigarettes by teens. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is behind the ban on JUUL, stated that while the vapes did not pose an "immediate hazard", they did not have enough data to ensure they were "appropriate for the protection of public health".

A federal survey in 2019 revealed that more than a quarter of high schoolers are using e-cigarettes, and it is likely that the number has only increased since then. It is believed that the fruity flavours of JUUL vapes are one of the reasons behind this interest from young people.

While vaping has been common in the US since 2007, regulations and legislation have only recently been introduced, following a number of issues that have damaged the reputation of vaping and vape brands.

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How Are the FDA Handling Vaping?

The FDA has already made some moves in recent years to improve the regulations around vaping, particularly in an effort to dissuade young people from picking up the habit. This includes:

  • Banning fruity flavours, which were popular amongst teenagers.
  • Requiring companies to submit e-cigarette products for approval by the FDA to ensure their safety.
  • Investigating marketing practices which target teens.


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How Can Vaping Be Made Safer?

While E-Liquid in the UK is limited to 20mg/ml, the vape juice sold in America is much stronger, with JUUL vapes coming in 3% and 5%, or 30mg and 50mg strengths. This isn’t regulated as it is in the UK, and means that vapers in the States are consuming as much nicotine as 50 cigarettes in some cases.

Not only does this make people more dependent on nicotine, and makes it harder to lower your strength, but it can also cause nicotine sickness, as people are intaking far more than they are used to. A heavy smoker should find their cravings are satisfied by a 20mg vape.


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By having some regulations in place, we can keep vaping safe and accessible for those who want to use it to quit smoking. Here at RED Box Vape, we offer disposable vapes and vape kits for people looking to stop smoking, with all products complying with UK regulations.

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