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    6 Fruit Flavoured Nic Salts in the UK

    6 Fruit Flavoured Nic Salts in the UK

    The wait is over! Summer is here, and there’s a change in the air. So, why not take this opportunity to mix up your vape kit?

    If you’re a real flavour chaser, then it’s time to explore some of the tantalising flavour sensations available in the vape world.

    That’s where we come in!

    We’ve compiled a list of our top fruit flavoured nic salts available in the UK to help you make the most of your summer.

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    A Guide To Nic Salts

    What is a Nic Salt?

    Nicotine salts are found naturally in the leaves of the tobacco plant, and are directly extracted for use in E-Liquids.

    They can also be created by adding benzoic acid to freebase nicotine, which helps neutralise the pH of the freebase nicotine, providing a more neutral flavour and a gentler throat hit.

    Fruit Flavoured Nic Salts

    From tropical to berry, there’s a fruity flavour combination out there for everyone! We’re going to list some of our top picks for fruit flavoured nic salts.

    1. Zest Pest Salt by Large Juice Nic

    If you’re after a vape flavour that’s sharp and punchy with a refreshing citrus twist, then the Zest Pest Salt by Large Juice Nic is the one for you!

    This nic salt starts with flavours of lemon and lime to create a zesty, sweet and overall juicy taste. The orange flavouring then softens the mix to provide a fragrant kick to finish things off. 

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    2. Apple Salt by Pod Nic

    Much like the Zest Pest, the Apple Salt by Pod Nic is a wonderfully refreshing flavour with a perfect blend of sweet and sharp.

    This nic salt manages to encapsulate taking a bite of a juicy green apple into 20ml so you can have that Disney villain feeling all day long.

    Buy Apple Salt by Pod Nic now

    3. The Blue One Salt by RED Liquids

    If you want something sweet and juicy that leaves you feeling refreshed, then The Blue One by RED Liquids is the perfect vape for you.

    This nic salt has flavours of freshly picked and juicy mixed berries blended with a cool menthol kick to give you a full flavoured nic salt that’s perfect for those hot summer days!

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    4. Mango And Passion Fruit by Just Juice Salt

    Be transported to a tropical island with the Mango and Passion fruit nic salt from Just Juice.

    The sweet and juicy mango flavour is tantalisingly entwined with the tartness of passion fruit to create an all-day vape that’s full of flavour.

    Buy Mango And Passion Fruit by Just Juice Salt now

    5. Banana Haze Salt by Large Juice Nic

    If you’re a sucker for something sweet, then this Banana Haze nic salt from Large Juice nic is the perfect pairing for you.

    The overripe and authentically sweet banana flavour is combined with golden hazelnut to give you a delicious dessert flavour before being rounded off with just a hint of pear.

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    6. Dimpleberry Ice Salt by Zeus

    When it comes to flavour, if you’re an all or nothing kind of vaper, then there’s no better choice for you this summer than the Dimpleberry Ice Salt by Zeus.

    This vape combines an already complex mix of fruits with eucalyptus and menthol to create a bold and satisfying all-day vape.

    Buy Dimpleberry Ice Salt by Zeus now

    We hope that our list of top nic salt flavours help you to mix up your vape this summer! If you’re feeling inspired, why not browse our range of nic salts available in our store now.

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