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Complete Guide to the Vape Pod System

Over the past few years, vaping systems have come a long way with innovative new products available to help make the journey to becoming smoke-free as easy as possible.

One such product is the pod system – a type of vape device that is designed to be small, discreet and incredibly easy to use. They offer convenience for vapers and are generally a very affordable option.

With all these benefits considered, pod devices have become increasingly popular amongst the vaping community.

You can find pod devices and E-Liquid deals in the UK here, at RED Box Vape. Here we take a further look at why pod devices are well worth a try!


What Are Pod Systems?

As you may have guessed from the name, pod devices make use of a pod which holds and vaporises the E-Liquid. Unlike other vape devices, it does not need an atomiser or tank – everything you need is built into the device and pod cartridges.

The pod E-Liquid cartridges contain the E-Liquid, as well as a built-in coil and wick, so setting up the pod is as simple as clicking a new cartridge into place within the device.

Pod kits are typically used by mouth-to-lung vapers. This means you will draw vapour into your mouth and then down into your lungs, similar to how you would smoke a cigarette.

This makes it a particularly good choice for those looking to make the transition from smoking to vaping, as the familiar act of drawing from the mouth to the lungs makes the switch a little easier.

Open or Closed Pods

There are two types of vape pod devices that you can get – open or closed.

Closed Pod Kits

Closed pod kits use pre-filled cartridges of E-Liquid. These cartridges are popped into place in the vape kit. They can be removed when finished, or when you want to change to a different flavour of E-Liquid.

This type of pod provides ease and convenience. You only need to remove and replace the E-Liquid cartridge.


Open Pod Kits

Open pods have the same design as a closed pod, with the ability to easily click a new pod cartridge into place. However, open pods can be opened and refilled with the E-Liquid of your choice.

Usually, this will involve unscrewing or unplugging the top of the pod and refilling it using a syringe, dropper or directly from the bottle.

While this gives you more freedom to choose your E-Liquid flavour and strength, it does limit the ability to switch between flavours as readily as with a closed system.


Benefits of Pod Devices

As we have mentioned, there are many benefits to pod kits, including:


Vape pods are smaller than most other vape kits, making them easier to conceal when held in the palm of your hand. As well as this, vape pods typically produce less vapour, meaning you won’t be puffing out huge clouds.

Less Mess

Pod devices require much less maintenance and hassle than other types of vape devices like pens or mods, which involve filling up a tank and replacing a coil.

With pod devices, refilling is much simpler, and offers a more leak-resistant option, meaning you shouldn’t be at risk of E-Liquid spilling.


Despite their smaller size, vape pods have decent batteries that can keep you vaping all day long.

Easy to Use

While some vape devices have multiple buttons to adjust the settings, vape pods will usually be much simpler. Most will feature an on/off switch or button to be pressed, or will work with a manual draw when it senses you inhaling!


As a smaller device, pods are great as a pocket-friendly option. Some mod devices can be especially bulky, so if you’re after something smaller to fit in a pocket or bag, then a pod may be what you are after.

Good for Quitting Smokers

If you’re trying to quit smoking, then pod devices can be useful due to their ability to use nic salts and E-Liquids with a higher PG. These factors are useful for those trying to stop smoking, as the nic salts allow for a higher level of nicotine to be absorbed, while the PG gives you a stronger throat hit.


Once you have bought a vape pod, the cost to maintain it is often less than for other vape devices. The only cost will be the E-Liquid, as you won’t need to buy tanks, coils and wicks as you would for other devices.


Is a Pod Device Right For Me?

Pods can be suitable for vapers of all levels:

First-time Vaper

If you are vaping for the very first time, then a pod system can offer a vaping experience similar to a cigarette. It can give you strength and a punchy throat hit that resembles smoking a cigarette. This familiarity can make your switch from smoking to vaping a little easier.

Newer Vapers

If you are a relatively new vaper looking to experiment with different vape options, then a vape pod can be a brilliant next step from a more basic vape device.

If you feel unsatisfied using a vape pen or e-cigarette, then a pod system can help you upgrade without straying too far from what you are familiar with.

Pod systems keep it simple but allow you extra freedoms with E-Liquid, strength and discretion.

Advanced Vapers

Just because you’ve been vaping for a while doesn’t mean you have to use a mod. While mods can offer you high levels of customizability to create the absolute perfect vape experience for you, sometimes the ease of a no-frills pod device is more appealing.

Pods offer an easy vape experience without sacrificing on quality, flavour or strength!


Do pod systems sound like something you want to try? Check out the range of pod devices we have here at RED Box Vape, or get in touch with our team to find out more!

If you’re unsure about what vape device to use, then take a look at our guide on the different types of vapes available!



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