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Common Vape Problems and How to Fix Them

Vaping should be an easy alternative to smoking, but, as with everything in life, sometimes problems may crop up. Problems may mean your vape doesn’t work or you’re not getting the best experience possible from your vaping device.

But you don’t have to suffer through it! Below we troubleshoot a number of potential problems a vaper may face and how you can fix them as easily as possible!


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My Vaping Device Won’t Draw

Firstly, do a quick check of the device – is it on, properly connected, with enough charge, and is there plenty of E-Liquid in the tank?

If these checks don’t reveal an easily fixable issue, then it’s most likely down to the coil. A faulty coil can prevent sufficient airflow, stopping you from getting a good draw on your vape. The fix is simple – just replace your coil!

The Battery Has Stopped Working

Some vape devices can be switched off if you press the firing button too many times in a row, so first of all, you should check that the power button is definitely on.

Check the battery for any damage, such as rust, corrosion or a peeling outer wrapper. If any of these things are present, then the battery should be discarded.

Next, you should double-check that your battery is charged by popping it in to charge for a little while – if the battery is still usable, it should let you know when charging is in progress.

If the battery is definitely charged and you’re still having problems, then you should check the connection between the battery and the tank. It may be the case that some old vape juice or a bit of dust has made the area between a bit gunky, which might stop a good connection from the battery. Use a clean cotton bud to gently clear away any dirt.

If none of these things appears to be the issue, then you might just need a new battery. Over time the storage capacity of a rechargeable battery drops, so it might be that it’s just got a little too old!


The Vape Makes a Gurgling Sound

If your vape starts making noises that don’t sound right, like a gurgling sound, then take off the mouthpiece and gently flick the vape into a piece of tissue to try and remove any E-Liquid that is stuck in the coil.

Then, make sure the tank isn’t overfilled and that this section isn’t too tight against the battery. If the problem continues, then you’ll have to take your tank apart and gently clean it by running it under warm water. Make sure the device is thoroughly dried with a piece of kitchen roll before re-assembling.

If this still doesn’t work, then the problem could be with how you are vaping. It is possible that you are inhaling too much for your specific vape device to handle, so you may want to change to a direct-to-lung vape tank which is generally better suited to deeper inhales.

Vaping Gives Me a Sore Throat

It’s a common complaint from vapers, especially ones new to vaping – the feeling of a sore throat and dry mouth after taking a puff.

One of the reasons for this is the amount of propylene glycerol (PG) in your E-Liquid. PG soaks up moisture, so as you vape it can cause a drying sensation that can make your throat feel sore. You can switch to an E-Liquid with a lower PG to see if this helps.

It is also important to drink enough water while vaping to keep your hydration levels up. Also check that there is enough E-Liquid in your tank, as too little can cause a dry hit. You can also try reducing the frequency of your puffs.


A man holding a vape pen

It Tastes Burnt When I Vape

A burnt taste or dry hit when you vape indicates that your coil needs changing. When they wear out, they start to impart a burnt taste on the vape.

If you’ve only recently changed your coil, then you should check that it has been primed properly and that the wicking material has been completely saturated in E-Liquid.

E-liquid Leaks Through the Air Hole

Leaks can occur when something causes E-Liquid to escape from your tank. Usually, the E-Liquid will end up in the airflow system.

If this has happened with your vape device, then first up, you need to check the seal and make sure that every component is fastened together properly. You should also check the o-ring to see if it needs to be replaced or cleaned. If these areas all seem okay, then inspect the tank’s glass for any cracks, as this will mean it is no longer airtight and could be causing the leak.

To help prevent future E-Liquid leakage, you should always keep your vape device upright, as the tanks aren’t built to be kept on their side for long. Also make sure that you do not overfill your tank with E-Liquid, as it needs a small amount of air at the top to prevent leakage.

We hope that this guide to vape problems has helped to fix the issue you have with your vape! If you’re after more vaping supplies now you know how to treat your vape right, then you can buy E-Liquid online here at RED Box Vape, and enjoy the incredible flavours we have on offer!

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