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Expensive vs Cheap E-Liquids: What's the Difference?

We’re all after a good bargain, but when it comes to vaping, is it a good idea to pick cheap E-Liquids?

When you go shopping for vape juice online, you might be a bit confused by the prices - you’ll find some for 50p and others for £20! So, what’s the difference between the juice in the cheap and expensive bottles?

Here we’ll take a look at cheap and expensive E-Liquids and which ones are best for you to choose!

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E-Liquid Ingredients: Cheap vs Expensive

The ingredients of a product are often a big indicator of the quality. You might expect that a premium E-Liquid product is better than a cheaper one due to superior ingredients, but this isn’t the case.

All E-Liquids are made more or less the same, containing:

  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Nicotine (although some are nicotine-free)
  • Flavouring

There is going to be little difference in the quality of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and nicotine between cheap and expensive E-Liquid products. The only difference can come from the flavouring.


How Are E-Liquids Flavoured?

When you make an E-Liquid, the first step is adding a flavouring to the vegetable glycerine base. This will become the main profile of the E-Liquid, for example, a strawberry flavour.

Additional flavour ingredients can then be added to this to create a more complex vape with subtle underlying flavours, like hints of cream or extra sweetness that can develop as you vape.

What’s the Difference Between Premium and Cheap E-Liquid Flavours?

While it’s not always the case, one possible difference with cheap E-Liquids is that the flavour profile is less developed than some more expensive E-Liquids.

For example, a cheaper E-Liquid may simply be a base flavour (e.g. strawberry), but a more premium juice could contain additional flavour profiles to make the vapour more complex.

But that’s not to say that cheap vape juices can’t be complex and flavourful! Some have absolutely incredible flavour payoff!


Does Flavour Complexity Even Matter?

While some premium juices might be more complex, the subtle flavours in some vape juices don’t really matter for some vapers. What's the point in paying £10 more for a vape juice if you can’t distinguish between the 5 different citrus notes within it?!

If you’re a vape connoisseur who wants the finest flavours, then sure, splash out on a premium juice! But you can get just as delicious E-Liquids for a lot less if you’re happy to enjoy a simpler flavour profile.


vape kits being tested 

Are Cheap E-Liquids Safe?

You might be concerned that a cheaper E-Liquid is less ‘safe’ than a premium vape juice, or that the quality is lower, but you should remember that all vape juices in the UK must go through a testing process to ensure they comply with UK regulations.

This means that every vape juice on the market has been deemed safe to use under current UK standards, regardless of the price.

If cheaper vape juices were inferior quality or unsafe to use, then they wouldn't have passed these tests and would not be available for sale in the UK.


E-Liquid Packaging: Cheap vs Expensive

One thing we’ll concede to is that expensive vape juices can have fancier packaging - whether that’s a unique bottle design or a bolder patterned label. Some cheaper E-Liquids can keep things simple with their packaging designs, and this may contribute to the lower costs.

There are still definitely some exciting packaging designs from cheaper brands, but you’re more likely to find a wacky bottle design amongst the higher priced juices if that’s something you’re after.

The bottle design shouldn’t impact the vape experience at all, so for many people, having a nice bottle isn’t a benefit worth spending so much money on! 

Cheap E-Liquid deals

At the end of the day, the best E-Liquid for you is down to your own personal taste. More expensive juices aren’t automatically nicer; cheaper blends can be just as satisfying!

The only way to work out which is best is to try some out for yourself to see which is best for your palate and your budget!

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