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Best Vanilla Flavoured E-Liquids in the UK 2020

If you can think of a flavour – no matter how wild and whacky – there’s probably an E-Liquid version of it!

But sometimes, we like to keep it simple with our vape juice. Vanilla is such a classic flavour that it is hard to go wrong when choosing a vanilla-based E-Liquid.

Vanilla doesn’t have to mean boring, though! Below we have highlighted a few of our favourite E-Liquid bottles in the UK that include that sweet vanilla taste!


RED Tobacco – Vanilla

RED Liquids' new RED Tobacco range keeps things simple, yet delicious, with this sweet French vanilla and tobacco flavour.

Tobacco and vanilla flavours are a match made in heaven, as the sweet and smooth vanilla notes perfectly balance out the bold tobacco.

As well as a 10ml E-Liquid, this fantastic flavour is also available as a nic salt and a shortfill, allowing you to enjoy it in whichever vaping format you prefer!


Doozy Desserts – Liquid Gold

Vanilla is a favourite ingredient in a lot of delicious desserts. Liquid Gold from Doozy Desserts offers up the scrumptious flavour of vanilla custard tarts, with each hit of this E-Liquid releasing notes of vanilla custard, pastry, syrup and cream. Sounds heavenly!


Gorilla Bean Shortfill – French Vanilla Coffee

If you’re after a rich flavour experience, then you can’t beat this Gorilla Bean E-Liquid. Coffee is already a rich flavour, so adding in the hint of vanilla with this French Vanilla Coffee E-Liquid makes for a very flavourful vape.

As a shortfill, this E-Liquid offers full customisability in terms of how strong you want the nicotine level to be. Simply add the nic shot of your choice to this!


Loki – Pegasus

Sometimes, E-Liquids are given fancy names that don’t reveal the flavour waiting within. Check out the flavour descriptions online at RED Box Vape, as these are often a medley of different delicious flavours. They are always worth a try, as you are bound to be pleasantly surprised by the exciting flavours hidden secretly inside. That’s certainly the case with Pegasus!

The Pegasus E-Liquid flavour from Loki offers a multi-layered vanilla-flavour experience. As you inhale the E-Liquid, you’ll taste vanilla sponge cake, with notes of creamy custard emerging as you exhale.


Doozy Salts – Vanilla Custard

If you like a stronger vape experience, with a bit more of a throat hit, then nic salts might be what you’re after! This offering from Doozy Salts is a sweet and tasty interpretation of a classic vanilla custard flavour.

Nic salts give you a stronger hit of nicotine, without having to inhale more often, which is ideal for people who were heavy smokers looking to make the switch to vaping.


AVB Liquids Shortfill - Custard Crème Éclair

Another classic dessert flavour is dished up in this AVB Liquids shortfill. A custard crème éclair is a choux pastry filled with vanilla crème custard, and this flavour is perfectly replicated in this E-Liquid.

Irresistibly creamy, with notes of vanilla and maple syrup, you’ll want to come back for a second helping of this tasty treat! If the flavour alone doesn’t have you sold, then this shortfill also comes with a free nic shot, so you can add a nicotine hit to this E-Liquid.

Is vanilla your favourite flavour of E-Liquid? If the answer to that question is no, then don’t worry, as we have hundreds of other flavour options available here at RED Box Vape! Have a browse through our E-Liquids range to discover your favourite flavour.

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