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Best Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquids

The majority of vapers are people who used to smoke or are transitioning away from smoking. Because of this, tobacco is a really popular E-Liquid flavour, as the familiarity it provides smokers with often helps to make the switch from cigarette to vape a little easier.

One of the best things about E-Liquid is the variety of flavours available, and luckily, this offering is not lost for those who would like to stick with the familiarity of tobacco.

Here at RED Box Vape, we have a wide range of tobacco E-Liquids, including both classic tobacco flavour and more exotic blends! Below, we share some of the most popular!


RED Liquids – Gold & Silver

If you’re looking for a plain and simple tobacco flavour for your vape, then Gold & Silver from RED Liquids is an excellent choice.

It has a lighter tobacco taste that doesn’t overwhelm, making it the perfect E-Liquid for those transitioning from smoking to vaping. It’s smooth and mild flavour is great for new vapers, who are beginning to learn how to vape properly.

It is available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg varieties, allowing you to select the right strength for you based on how much nicotine you are used to intaking through cigarettes.


RED Liquids – Ice Tobacco

Perfect for ex-menthol smokers who miss the cooling minty hit, this Ice Tobacco E-Liquid combines menthol and tobacco into a perfectly refreshing vape.

Mixing golden tobacco leaves with an icy menthol taste, this E-Liquid presents a cooling and flavourful vape juice.

If you’ve had to stop smoking menthol cigarettes this year due to the government ban, then this would be an ideal option for you, if you are looking to transition away from cigarettes and quit smoking completely.


Doozy Baccy Roots – Shanghai

The Shanghai flavour from Doozy Baccy Roots is a classic RY4 E-Liquid – a tobacco base combined with caramel and vanilla flavour notes. This E-Liquid offers a strong tobacco note, making it a great option for those looking to switch from smoking while retaining familiarity in flavour. 

The vanilla and caramel notes add depth to this E-Liquid, creating a warm and satisfying flavour that provides a silky finish. It allows you to retain the familiarity of the tobacco taste, while gaining some extra flavour that vaping is known for.


RED Liquids – Virginia Tobacco

Virginia tobacco offers a much more robust and heady vaping experience, that is better suited to more experienced vapers who still enjoy the taste of tobacco.

The tobacco flavouring is gained from roasted and blended Virginia tobacco leaves, giving you a bold punch of flavour!


RED Tobacco Shortfill – Cortado Tobacco

Another flavourful option comes from the Cortado Tobacco E-Liquid from the new RED Tobacco range. Coffee and tobacco is such a classic combination already, so pairing the two together within this flavourful E-Liquid is a match made in heaven.

The delicious tobacco notes are blended with a smooth and creamy caramel coffee that is perfect to vape at any time of day!

As a shortfill, this option is great for those who like a little more control over their nicotine consumption. Simply add a nic shot to this to enjoy a lower strength E-Liquid or go nicotine-free if you prefer.

Do you enjoy tobacco flavoured E-Liquids, or do you prefer to try a variety of unusual flavours?!

If tobacco isn’t for you, or you’d like to experiment with the wide range of flavours we have on offer, then take a look at our range available online at RED Box Vape!


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