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    Apps To Help You Quit Smoking

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    Across the world, smoking is still the greatest cause of preventable disease and death. And, due to the nature of nicotine, quitting the habit can be nearly impossible. However, there are options that can help. One of them is your smartphone.

    We've compiled a list of the top iPhone and Android applications for quitting smoking. These apps will help you to quit your habit one day at a time thanks to their high quality, dependability, and positive reviews.


    Smoking Log – Stop Smoking

    Goals are the focus of this app: you enter each cigarette you smoke and then create your own stopping goals. The app then provides you with tools and information to show you how you're progressing toward your goals each day and how you can stay motivated to quit. 

    You'll see a dashboard with graphs and charts that demonstrate your progress over time, as well as statistics that track your smoking behaviours over time and notifications that track your progress toward your goals.


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    Quit Smoking – Stop Smoking Counter

    This programme is designed to be a data tracker, knowledge source, and support system all in one. It will tell you how much nicotine and tar you are saving your body from, as well as the other advantages of quitting smoking. 

    Hear personal experiences and advice from people who have successfully quit using a variety of approaches, and then use the tried-and-true methods pioneered by British author Allen Carr.


    Stop Smoking

    This app will help you do exactly what it says: stop smoking. And it will stop at nothing to make sure you have the right tools to quit. 

    A tracker telling you how much money you’ve saved, a diary to track your progress or share with other app users, and even a feature that allows you to see how the money you’ve saved can be used for items on your Amazon wishlist!



    Flamy isn't one to waste time. The software starts with a 14-day challenge to quit smoking in two weeks or a "one less per day" option that allows you to progressively reduce your cigarette consumption. 

    The programme also includes games to help you avoid cravings. As well as challenges for you and your friends to help each other quit smoking. Smoking cessation isn't easy, but Flamy makes it feel like a triumph.


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    My QuitBuddy

    My QuitBuddy is quite literally a “companion” app to help you track the differences in your health and lifestyle when you quit smoking. 

    Using a live map of your body shows how much healthier your lungs and other parts of your body are. Along with lists of how much money you’ve saved and tar you avoided putting in your body, My QuitBuddy is on your side. 

    The app will even give you little games to play, such as doodling, to help take your mind off your cravings.


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    Quit Genius

    This software employs behavioural modification strategies based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to assist you in gaining control over your own actions while you attempt to quit smoking.

    Instead of forcing you to quit right away, the programme lets you set your own quitting goals. The programme then rewards you by telling you how much money you've saved, how many years of your life you've gained back, and by providing tools to assist you to reach the finish line of quitting slowly but steadily.



    All areas of your health, from blood circulation and oxygen levels to your perceptions of taste and smell, will improve as a result of using this app. 

    Use the slow mode to help you quit smoking gradually with a plan tailored to your needs. As a reward, earn badges and play the memory game when you're hungry.


    Quit Tracker

    This software is a self-motivational tool that keeps track of the health and financial benefits you'll reap each day you don't smoke. 

    Use the app to keep track of how close you are to quitting smoking, how much money you're saving, and how much of your life you've reclaimed. 

    There's also a timeline that shows you how long it will take for you to start reaping the health benefits.



    SmokeFree offers two options for quitting smoking. If you're feeling very motivated, choose the quit mode; if you need more time, use the reduce mode. 

    This software serves as a buddy during the quitting process, assisting you in gradually reducing your cigarette consumption so that your body adjusts. Rich motivating recommendations, personal stats, and financial and health achievements are among the features.



    QuitNow! makes quitting easier by directing your energy toward four areas: your new ex-smoker status, 70 ex-smoker accomplishments to keep you motivated, a strong ex-smoker community, and your improved health. Browse frequently asked questions or submit your own to the QuitNow! bot.

    These apps are all free to download and have at least a 4-star rating on either the app store or the android store. Hopefully, these apps can help you kick your habit!


    If you want to use vaping as a nicotine replacement to help on your quitting smoking journey, take a look at our range of E-Liquids online.





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