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    5 Advantages of Using Vape Pens

    A man exhaling vapour while holding a vape pen

    One of the most popular and common types of vape devices are vape pens. As the name suggests, these devices have a shape reminiscent of a pen - typically longer and thinner in shape than other vape kits.

    Vape pens are relatively easy to use and offer the vaper great variety in terms of E-Liquid choices and vaping styles. Some are very simple to use, while others can be found with more customisable features to suit your vaping needs.

    Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of using a vape pen.


    Easy to Use

    Vape pens are easy enough to use for a beginner to get the hang of. Vape pens have long been recommended to those looking to make the transition from smoking.

    While vape pods now perhaps offer greater ease and convenience to new vapers, vape pens are certainly still an excellent choice.

    To use a vape pen, you simply need to push a button and take a draw on the device.

    You will occasionally need to perform some maintenance on your device by refilling the tank with E-Liquid from a bottle and replacing the coil. These tasks are fairly easy to do, and there are many tutorials for them on YouTube. How often you need to do this will depend on how much you vape and the way you vape.


    A Good Replication of Smoking

    Vaping is considered to be one of the most successful methods of quitting smoking, with it being three times more effective than tools like nicotine patches and gum.

    One of the reasons behind this is that it replicates the act of smoking, as the vapour is drawn into the mouth and lungs before being exhaled.

    Vape pens tend to be mouth-to-lung style vapes, rather than inhaling directly to the lungs. This means that the act of vaping with a pen device is fairly similar to that of smoking.

    A hand holding three bottles of E-Liquid


    E-Liquid Options

    One of the biggest perks of choosing a vape pen is the huge range of E-Liquid options that are available. Some devices can only work with certain types of vape juice, but pens are fairly universal and can be adapted to work with most E-Liquids.

    You can choose from thousands of flavours, nicotine strengths and ratios of VG and PG.

    For lower strengths, you can try out shortfills and nic shots, which can also save you money as they’re a more cost-effective method of buying juice.

    If you need higher strengths of nicotine or find freebase too harsh, then you can give nic salts a go too! There really are unlimited options with vape pens! You can buy E-Liquid online here at RED Box Vape to explore all your options.



    On the whole, vape pens are usually fairly affordable bits of kit. On average, you’ll be paying around £20-40 for a decent vape pen, although you can find good ones for less.

    It’s not a bad price to try out the pen vapes and see how you like them. You can always invest in an upgraded model if you wish!


    Good Battery Life

    Although vape pens are fairly discreet, they’re not the smallest kind of vape device, and so the batteries tend to be larger than some e-cigarettes. The precise battery life will depend on the specific model you use.

    Many vape pens can also be operated while they are charging, so you don’t have to worry about being without your device.

    If a vape pen sounds right for you, then here at RED Box Vape, we have a wide assortment of devices in a range of designs and styles for you to choose from.

    If you’re still unsure, then check out our guide to vape devices to learn more about your options.


    Guide to vape devices at RED Box Vape


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