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8 e-liquid flavours to try out this winter

It’s that time of year – every high street café has a signature holiday drink, there’s all sorts of treats lining the supermarket aisles, and festive menus are popping up at your favourite pubs. So, why not let your vape join in the fun!

We count down nine of our favourite wintery e-liquid flavours, to keep you feeling warm, cosy, and just a little bit indulgent at the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Fresh Vanilla Coffee

We didn’t think anything could be as comforting as a nice, hot drink during the coldest months – and then we tried Gorilla Bean’s Fresh Vanilla Coffee. It has all the deep richness of a hot cup of joe, with a hint of sweet vanilla running through for a festive twist.

2. Spearmint Chews

Get your candy-cane fix with Spearmint Chews, from one of our featured guest brands. Sharp and refreshing, it’s a great way to perk up on a grey, December day. The icy-sweet flavour will satisfy those sweet, minty cravings.

3. Raspberry Stix

Paying homage to a classic Pic 'n' Mix favourite, this blend of juicy raspberry with just a hint of rich cream. The Raspberry Stix flavour will surely delight your taste buds and provide a sweet treat to your vaping experience.

4. Gold and Silver

Our signature Gold and Silver will bring the same satisfying nostalgia of your favourite old festive tunes. The traditional tobacco flavour is simple and nostalgic – we’re pretty sure this is what Father Christmas puffs away on between chimney stops.

5. Black Aniseed

It’s our signature flavour for the rebels out there. If you need a break from the sweetness of the season, try Black Aniseed, which delivers exactly what you’d expect – the sharp, bitter aniseed sensation that you love, with a cool finish.

6. White Chocolate Coffee

That steaming cup of hot cocoa you loved as a kid has just been reborn into something that’s even better. Gorilla Bean’s White Chocolate Coffee is a perfectly indulgent way to treat yourself this holiday season, delivering all the rich, creaminess of white chocolate with just enough espresso flavour or a hint of sharpness.

7. Sparkling Ice Orange

Bring a zesty twist to your vape with Sparkling Ice Orange. Taking the traditional citrus flavour and blending it with an exciting fizzy note and just a touch of menthol, bringing a whole new dimension to the orange flavour.

8. Double Menthol

Feel the beginnings of winter’s cold? No problem! Our signature Red Box Double Menthol flavour delivers a sharp and refreshing burst of old-fashioned menthol goodness, great for when you feel like your sinuses could use a bit of a wake-up call.

As you walk around and enjoy the crisp weather and cosy lights, let your vape in on the mood and try out one of our favourite festive flavours! For more inspiration, chat to the team at your nearest Red Box Vape and try out the e-liquids that inspire you this winter.

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