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Relx - Lodou Ice Pro Pods 2pk
Relx - Lodou Ice Pro Pods 2pk
Relx - Lodou Ice Pro Pods 2pk
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Relx - Lodou Ice Pro Pods 2pk

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A rich and earthy flavor that takes from Chinese mung bean and enriched with notes of cream, nuts and vanilla.

RELX pods are designed to create the ultimate vaping experience for adult smokers, featuring a maze-like internal structure to help prevent any leakage, even if being transported on a flight. There are two different versions: RELX Pods and RELX Pod Pro.

RELX Pods Pro are equipped with RELX Super SmoothTM Technology, providing an unequaled SuperSmooth Experience


Content: 2 x RELX pods

Features: Nicotine Salt E-Liquid / Non-refillable pods

Capacity: 1.9ml

Strength: 18mg/ml

Device compatibility: RELX Essential / RELX Infinity

POD COIL TYPE: Ceramic (RELX Pod Pro)